Baby B: 23 Week Recap

As of right this second, I am 24 weeks, aka six months, which somehow feels like such a big deal!  This past week (my 23rd) was a great one– I had a three-day work week, I got to hear Baby B’s heartbeat at my doctor’s appointment, and yes, I think I finally felt movement!

This past week’s pregnancy group was very helpful– the topic was labor and delivery, and we discussed all kinds of things, like when to go to the hospital, what to put in your hospital bag, and which birthing books are the most informative.  We also discussed different birth plans.  To be honest, I never even considered writing one– that is until I went to my Monday night meeting.  After the meeting, I was inspired to write down my birth preferences and really think about how I would like my delivery to go.  I am in no way saying I can actually plan out my birth– as everyone knows, child birth is quite unpredictable.  However, I realized there were a few things I could control, and that to make sure they happen, I should put them on paper.  I will be happy to share my birth preferences once I am officially done with the document!  Some things I will share now though is that I know I want to have skin to skin contact with my baby as soon as it is medically safe, and I also am pretty adamant on the fact I want to breastfeed immediately (again, as long as it is medically safe).

Week 23 was a good one, especially in terms of getting our act together with the baby’s room!  Here’s the rundown. . .


Baby’s size: According to Babycenter, week 23 marks baby’s size as that of a large mango, weighing a little over a pound!


Weight gained:  I weighed in once this week, and showed a five-pound weight gain so far.  I expressed concern to my doctor at my monthly check-up on Wednesday regarding my low weight gain, but according to all measurements, I am doing just fine!


Exercise: I completed a 3.1 mile walk, a 4.25 mile walk, and 60 minutes on the elliptical this week!


– I am still feeling pretty full all of the time, although it is about ten percent better.

– My skin is so, so dry.  My lips are chapped, my skin is flaky, and I am itchy!  I attribute this to the fact I am now always in indoor environments where the heat is blasting.

–  My SI joints acted up again this week– my chiropractor helped a bit, but basically, my butt hurts, especially when I sit or lie down for a long time, and then try to walk afterwards.

– I sleep well between about 9 PM to midnight, but then feel wide awake for a lot of the night after that.  I haven’t done it yet, but I have been so tempted to get up for the day at 4 AM!

Emotional breakdowns: None, but I was cranky on Friday night.  I went to a party with my husband, and we had plans to go to dinner after.  We didn’t get to dinner until late, and by that time I was hungry and sleepy, which put me in a slightly sour mood.  As soon as I had some food in my belly though I felt much better!

Food aversions: None!

Food cravings:  I still am obsessed with cheese, whole wheat bread, and English muffins.  I also ate a huge piece of chocolate chip cookie cake with whipped cream and ice cream Friday night that totally hit the spot.


Maternity Clothes: I actually wore two pair of pants this week that had always been tight for me around the waist, and that I hadn’t even attempted to wear once I found out I was pregnant.  How you ask?  Well, I finally tested out the belly bands I purchased from Target, and let’s just say, they are amazing!  Now that I know they work, I just may be able to wear my regular pants a lot longer than I thought!  If it helps, I got a small/medium, and they fit just fine.  I also used the old rubber band trick on one of those pants for the first time to make sure they stayed up, and it worked like a charm!

Gender:  Baby girl!

Big Moment of the Week:  There were a few!  First, I had my monthly checkup, and heard Baby B’s strong heartbeat.  My uterus is measuring right on track too.  I asked about the lack of movement I feel, and she managed to poke her way around my belly until I could hear her move (on the stethoscope thing) and I do think I felt it!  Of course, the next day, I felt definitive movement for the first time!  Also, our nursery is done being painted!  Not only that, but our neighbors generously gifted us a rug that we now have in the room.  I am not sure if I love it or not, so we are going to let it sit there for a  week and see how it grows on us.  I am leaning towards loving it though!  We actually have a great friend who is a decorator, and we texted him a pic of the rug in the room, and he thought it was perfect.  By this time next week, we should have most of the furniture in the room too!

Looking Forward To:  Getting our glider and dresser this upcoming week, and maybe our crib will finally arrive too!  I also can’t wait for Thanksgiving– I crave some quality family time!

Baby Items Purchased: I actually restrained myself this week (because I got my credit card bill!).  I did order a bunch of headbands, crochet beanies, and flower clips and bows from the website  I am very impressed with my order and am really happy with inexpensive it was (compared to Etsy).

I wish I was. . . able to walk normally again!  I was so close, but this week I am a Limpy McLimp once again!

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