Baby B: 24 Week Recap

Six months!  Talk about pregnancy milestones!  Now when I tell people I am six months pregnant, I feel they think I am really, seriously pregnant!  I feel that in most minds, people tend to think by six months, you are 1/3 of the way through, which isn’t quite right since technically, I still have sixteen or so weeks left, but it does elicit the comment from others that I don’t have much time left.  Let’s just say I feel pretty legit now in the pregnancy department.

This week was also the first week where a lot of my students told me I am finally showing, which was pretty awesome!  I feel like lots of students that I don’t currently have in class have come up to me this past week congratulating me, most likely probably realizing that my weight gain wasn’t just a beer belly!  Students are continuing to go out of their way to ask if I need help carrying things and so on– although they tend to get a bad rap, high school kids are pretty awesome!

My pregnancy group discussed how our relationships would change this week once baby comes.  It was really interesting to hear the other girl’s concerns about how their relationships with their partners may be strained once the baby arrives.  Common issues that turned up were chores and responsibilities, the ability to compromise on parenting decisions, and concerns about childcare and work responsibilities.  My biggest concern for when the baby comes is missing dad!  My husband works ridiculous hours, especially between January and July, so I do worry we will miss him!  However, I am very fortunate to have both my mom and mother-in-law around to help me when I need it.

Oh. . . we also attended an all-day childbirth class at our hospital last Saturday.  I would say it was moderately helpful. . . I already knew a lot, but we were taught some breathing techniques.  The best part about it was the the partners had to practice massage on the future moms!  I am glad I did it, but I could have probably done without it.  This week we have our infant care class, and I look forward to that one since I have no experience whatsever caring for an infant.

So let’s get into some 24 week stats. . .


Baby’s size: According to Babycenter, week 24 means the baby has grown to the length of an ear of corn, just over a foot long, and just over a pound too!

Weight gained:  Almost six pounds– looks like I am at a pound a week rate now!


Exercise: Just one 3.1 mile walk on Sunday.


– Constant fullness still is kind of annoying me!

-– So is my dry skin and feeling that my mouth is dry all of the time!

–  While my joint pain has eased up this past week, I had a soreness, and almost tight spasm-y feeling on my right said for a few days that made my back ache and feel pretty tired by the end of my school day.  I spent a lot of time lying down trying to rest my back.  It did fade after a few days– I think it was just a growing pain!

– Feeling a bit out of breath sometimes, especially when walking up stairs or when getting up after lying down for a while.

– In the TMI department, still feeling backed up!  During our childbirth class, they showed us a visual of what happens to the intestines and stomach when you are pregnant, and it is no wonder constipation is a major pregnancy problem.

Emotional breakdowns: None!  I am actually proud of myself for really going with the flow this week since I had a few things to do that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to.  I had parent teacher conferences that ended at 8:30 one night (which is practically my bedtime), and a few long days at work.  And, I barely saw my husband this week!  Still, I kept in good spirits and had no crazy emotional outbursts.

Food aversions: None!

Food cravings:  Nothing new except I had a total desire to make Oreo cream cheese truffles!  I am too lazy to actually do it, but I guess I that’s a craving.

Maternity Clothes: I bought some more non-maternity (but blousy) shirts and a few pairs of maternity jeans this week.  I haven’t worn them yet but I think it is time. . .

Gender:  Baby girl!

Big Moment of the Week:  We have our dresser and glider in baby’s room!  I can say the room is really taking shape.  We were supposed to get our crib this week too, but the delivery was delayed until December 10th.

Looking Forward To:  Thanksgiving, no doubt.  It is one of my favorite holidays, nevermind, favorite days, of the year!  I can’t wait to see all local family in one day and eat lots of great food and not have to go to work the next day.

Baby Items Purchased: I did not order a single thing this week!  I did go to Old Navy and picked up a few baby clothes on extreme sale, but other than that, I had a spend-free week, which is super hard to do for me at this point.

Gifts received:  My mom is awesome.  I was talking to her about how cute crochet headbands were for babies. . . and a few days later she had three homemade headbands for me!  She knows a women who is a customer of hers that is very talented in the art of crochet, and asked her to make me some infant headbands.  They are adorable!


I wish I was. . . nothing really I guess.  I am happy and content to be where I am and at the point I am right now!  Nothing like living in the moment right?

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