Bestowed Healthy Snack Box

One thing that I have cut down on since having bought a new home (and finding out that I am pregnant) is the number of beauty/health boxes I subscribe to. You all may remember how obsessed I was with Birchbox, Ipsy, Vegan Cuts, and Allure’s Beauty Box! I have kept a few of my subscriptions but let the rest go in efforts to save a little dough.

When Bestowed offered to send me their November snack box, I was ecstatic– I miss having a variety of healthy snacks delivered to me each month! Especially now that I am pregnant, having a wide variety of health-promoting snacks at my fingerprints is essential– pregnancy hunger is strange and unpredictable, and sometimes I go from feeling full to ravenous in an instant.

I really appreciate the concept behind Bestowed. Registered Dietitian Heather Bauer founded Bestowed in order to offer folks convenient snacks on a subscription basis with an emphasis on quality ingredients, and Bestowed even considers the source of the foods as well as how environmentally-friendly the packaging is.

My November box was like an early Christmas present!



When I popped it open, I was greeted by these multi-seed Crunchmaster crackers– a product I am already a huge fan of and have purchased a few times before. I love getting a full-sized package!


Since November’s box focused on products to help you kick your workout into gear, it was no surprise that many of the items were foods that help with energy and endurance.

I then found some Zico dark chocolate coconut water, a Quest bar, a few Skratch instant drink packets and some Perfect Fuel chocolate. . .


as well as these cute tube of all natural wild Garden hummus!


I was really happy to get some packets of edible green tea (which you can mix into any food for anti-oxidant benefits), chia seeds, and honey crystals, which is a nice alternative to regular sugar.


The most interesting product was these Life Ice freezable flavored ice cubes– while it’s not something I probably would use, my nephews would be all over this!


The accompanying booklet is chock full of info about the products, as well as suggestions on how to consume them.


As with any subscription box, it may be the case you are offered something that might not by your thing, but the best part about it is that they are sharable.  Like I said, I know my nephews would be all over the Life Ice, while my sister would totally love the edible green tea (although I am keeping some of that for myself too!).

In the spirit of the holidays, Bestowed has generously offered you all a discount on your first Bestowed box if you want to experience it for yourself!  If you use the promo code HELLOTEN105 at checkout, you can receive your first box for only ten bucks!  Just be sure to use it before November 30th!

Thanks to Bestowed for kindly letting me check out their November box!

Do you all subscribe to any monthly boxes?  If so, what’s your favorite?

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