Baby B: 25 Week Recap

As I write this, I have just entered my 26th week of pregnancy, which means, yet again, it is time for a recap!  Looking back on week 25, I realize it was both a relatively uneventful week in baby land in some ways, but at the same time, Baby B  celebrated many “firsts!”

So let’s see. . . last Sunday, hubby and I attended our hospital’s infant care class.  It was pretty informative, and of course, the best part was being able to practice skills like diapering and swaddling on baby dolls.  Admittedly, I have never in my life put on a baby’s diaper or even held a newborn for more than a few minutes, so I definitely had a bit to learn.  My husband, however, was a pro!  In fact, I told him to pay attention because when the time comes, I am sure he is going to have to guide me the first few times around!

On Monday, I attended my pregnancy group, and the topic was postpartum care.  We touched upon topics like baby blues vs full-blown postpartum depression, and I guess overall, my biggest takeaway was to accept as much help as possible in those first few months, as well as take care of myself as much as possible also.  I am so grateful I have such wonderful family around that I know will step in and help me out.

I loved that this past week was a short one, work-wise.  In fact, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at work were kind of a blur because I think I was so focused on making it to my four-day weekend!  One baby-related work highlight was the fact that I had to speak in an assembly in front of the whole senior class regarding some graduation requirements.  The teacher who introduced me also mentioned I was having a baby girl, and I got a full round of applause from everyone!   It was mortifying and adorable at the same time!

Now, some 25 week stats:


Baby’s size: A large rutabaga?!?  Kind of an odd comparison I think.  Baby B is about 13.5 inches long and weighs over 1.5 pounds!  She’s also starting to fatten up a bit and her hair is coming in!

Weight gained:  I didn’t weigh myself this week, but I would say between 6 and 7 lbs.


Exercise: Three workouts!  I did 65 minutes on the elliptical on Saturday of last week, 60 minutes on the elliptical on Thanksgiving, and a 40 minute treadmill walk on Friday!


– This week, my biggest annoying symptom is a tired back, particularly after work, at night, and after eating for some reason!  I wouldn’t say my back hurt– it just felt tired and achy, to the point the only relief came from rubs or from lying down to take pressure off.  My chiropractor explained it as my back compensating for the extra weight in my belly that’s sort of all moving forward and out.

-– Still feeling dry and itchy skinwise, but like I said, that’s probably more a function of winter.  I have been trying to drink more water.

–  My joints have been cooperating for the most part, but I had a few moments of pain after getting up from a lying position.  In fact, Thanksgiving was the worst for that and I had a few incidents where it took me a good two minutes to get up without aggravating my SI joints too much.

– This isn’t a pregnancy symptom so much, but I cannot get warm for the life of me.  At the infant care class, the instructor asked if anyone in the room was cold.  My hand shot up. . . and out of the 30 participants, I was the only one!  Needless to say, they did not adjust the temperature for me!

– Yes, I have a bit of a waddle that will likely stay with me throughout the rest of my pregnancy!

Emotional breakdowns: None!  However, my husband did tell me he thinks I am getting less patient, which is something I didn’t necessarily notice, but probably can agree with.  For example, if he is distracted while talking to me, I will likely just shut down the convo instead of waiting for him to refocus!

Food aversions: None!  In fact, everything tasted amazing on Thanksgiving!

Food cravings:  Remember how last week I told you about a craving I had for Oreo truffle cake balls?  Well I finally made them and they hit the spot big-time!

Maternity Clothes: I finally wore a pair of black maternity skinny pants, and though they were a little loose, they were amazing!

Gender:  Baby girl!

Big Moment of the Week:  I finally, finally, finally can recognize baby’s movements definitively!  And, at work on Wednesday I was sitting next to my friends and thought I noticed a movement from the outside of my shirt!  My friends immediately starting talking to her and focused on my belly, and lo and behold, one of my besties Dina saw movement too!  Thanks D for sharing in that big moment and confirming that I in fact was not imagining things!

Also, when I made my Oreo truffles, I imagined it as Baby B’s first baking experience with momma in the kitchen!  I think this will be a new yearly tradition of making these truffles for Thanksgiving.  Next year, she’ll be old enough to lick the spoon!

Looking Forward To:  Enjoying in the spirit of the holidays over the next few weeks.  Since Thanksgiving was so late, Christmas vacation will be here before you know it!  I can’t wait for Christmas parties, get-togethers and all that fun stuff!  In the more immediate, I can’t wait for the crib to arrive hopefully next week!

Baby Items Purchased: Umm. . . a lot!?!  Well, I don’t think I told you guys about the rug battle my husband and I have been engaged in.  My old neighbors gifted us a gorgeous rug they had for their baby.  We put it in the room, and while it looked nice, it wasn’t the vision I had for the room.  My  husband said buying a new rug when we had a perfectly nice one wasn’t worth it.  Well after showing the rug to my sister and a few friends, they all sort of agreed while it was beautiful, it wasn’t quite right for us décor wise.  Still, my husband didn’t want to not use it.  Based on a friend’s recommendation, we decided the rug would be perfect on the third floor, in the future playroom.  Once my husband saw that we could still use it, I was able to buy the one I wanted for the nursery!  So the rug dilemma was solved, and I ordered this rug from Land of Nod for the nursery:


My vision of the room is pinks, peaches and yellows– I think this rug will go nicely with my bedding (pic below!).

I also took advantage of Black Friday deals online and bought some baby gear, including a pack n’ play for nearly half the original price, an infant car seat and matching caddy, and a space saver high chair (for 14 bucks) for my mom’s house!

Gifts received:  My sister gave us a gorgeous canvas to hang up in the nursery.  Inspired by the colors I was going for, she had a beautiful photo of peach flowers that she herself took blown up and put on a canvas.  It looks like a painting, and it matches the nursery perfectly.  I even had her sign it!  Thanks Resh!

I wish I was. . . able to have another ultrasound.  I want to see Baby B in action!

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