Baby B: Week 26 Recap

Week 26 has come and gone, so now it’s time for a recap!

Monday night was my last meeting of my pregnancy group, and the discussion was pretty open-ended.  I am so glad I signed up for those eight meetings– not only was it nice to meet some soon-to-be mamas, but it was a great, non-judgmental forum to basically ask anything.  Our fearless guide Kristen is an experienced doula, so she was able to truly answer any of our questions based on her vast experience.  I definitely plan on joining the new mommy group when the time comes.

I have a funny story to tell– at my last doctor’s appointment, they gave me an order for a glucose test, to be done at any lab.  I assumed this was the test where you drink a nasty sugary drink, wait an hour, and have your blood taken to check for gestational diabetes.  I had a two-week range to do the test, but put if off because I dreaded drinking the sugary concoction.  Finally, on the last day of the two-week range, I went to a lab to get it over with.  When I handed over the slip, they weren’t sure what kind of test I was supposed to have so they called my doctor’s office.  It turned out that it was just a blood test– no sugary drink needed to be consumed!  Never have I been so excited to just give blood!  I think the gestational diabetes test is coming soon, but I will be happy to put it off as long as possible.  I wish they would come up with a more natural version of that gross syrup!

I really don’t have too many other pregnancy-related stories this week, so I think we’ll just move on to my weekly stats!


Baby’s size: Almost 2 pounds and the length of a scallion.  I don’t think this comparison is particularly helpful in picturing how big Baby B is, but I can say this week she developed some more fat, which of course is a wonderful thing.

Weight gained:  As of Friday morning, I have gained 7.5 pounds!  This week was a definite growth week– a ton of my coworkers commented on how I look undoubtedly pregnant.  My belly bump has popped– there’s no question about that!


Exercise: Two workouts– a 60 minute elliptical session and a 3.1 mile walk.


– My back is starting to really get tired by the end of my workday.  All I want to do by the time I get out is take the pressure off of my back by lying down.  I find myself trying to give myself back massages in the middle of class!  It really kicks in once I eat lunch at work because I tend to crash energy-wise shortly after.

-– My general feeling of fullness is driving me nuts!  I always feel like my insides are about to burst, whether or not I have actually eaten.  This baby is taking up a lot of room and my organs are feeling the squeeze!

–  I have been feeling a lot more winded, even after simple activities like walking around my school building.

–  I still have random aches and pains in my hips and joints, but it is still so much better than it has been in the past.

Emotional breakdowns: Not a one!  I have to say, I am pretty happy that I have not changed mood-wise.  If anything, I am in a much better mood generally.

Food aversions: None but after eating a ton of greens every night for dinner (I made a huge batch of my Asian-style kale and collards), I am definitely sick of them.


Food cravings:  Pizza, salads with nuts, fruit and cheese, and Crumbs cupcakes. . . so in other words nothing new at all.

Maternity Clothes: I have worn two pairs of maternity pants I bought a while ago, and I have rocked the belly band a few times.  A lot of my regular pants still fit because they fit below the belly, but a few of them can’t button.  The belly band has been pretty successful for me, although I know it doesn’t always work for everyone.

Gender:  Baby girl!

Big Moment of the Week:  Our new rug and crib have arrived!  The rug is in the room already, but the crib is currently hanging out in our dining room because the box is huge and has to be brought up a flight of steep stairs.  I think we have to take out the individual pieces and bring them up one by one.  I promise to take pics of the whole set-up once the nursery is more complete!

A few other big moments this week was that it was hubby’s and my mother-in-law’s birthday!  My mother-in-law sent my husband the best gift ever–  a six-pack of Mrs. Prindables gourmet apples.  I love chocolate and nut covered apples, so even though they are for my husband, Baby B and I will be sure to enjoy them as well!  Thanks mom and happy belated birthday!


Oh, one more thing– hubby felt Baby B for the first time.  It was Friday night, and I had just eaten a Crumbs cupcake.  She must have enjoyed all of the sugar because she was dancing up a storm.  Then, at one point, she moved and a certain part of my stomach hardened.  I had him put his hand there and he felt her!  It was pretty comical seeing the expression on his face!  He was kind of freaked out (in a good way) because it was definitely some part of her body!  Then, a few seconds later, the whole area softened again!

Looking Forward To:  My doctor’s appointment this week!  It’s on Wednesday, and then after that, it’s every two weeks at the doc’s!  Also, I am of the belief the third tri starts in the 28th week, so in just a few more days, I will officially be in the third tri!

Baby Items Purchased: While I didn’t buy a lot this week, I received a lot of last week’s purchases.  We now have a car seat, car seat caddy, crib, pack n’ play, rug, some clothes I bought from Carter’s online, and a few other things I can’t recall!

Gifts received:  Even though the apples were for my hubby’s birthday, I consider them a gift for myself too!  I also received one of my shower gifts (a friend had it shipped to my house since the package is huge!), and we know own a swing!  Thanks Lianne!

I wish I was. . . able to. . . not feel so full all of the time!  It’s annoying!  I also can’t wait until I can really see Baby B move from the outside.

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