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Good afternoon/evening!

I know I mentioned a few days back that I miss posting on a regular basis, so I thought it’s about time I (attempt to) change that! I feel like while I have documented much of my pregnancy in my weekly Baby B recaps, I still don’t want to look back and say I didn’t post enough about my day-to-day. I love having this blog as a record of my life, and lately, I haven’t done the best job at keeping up– I admit it!

Since there’s no time like the present, here’s what’s been on my mind the last few days!

First, I am in a food rut of sorts. I have been falling into the habit of eating the same things day in and day out, which is not necessarily entirely negative seeing as how many of the foods I eat are pretty darn healthful. I just know variety is what’s best for Baby B, so I definitely have to add more of that. Remember when I used to eat oatmeal and granola on a regular basis? I can’t even tell you when the last time was that I had either of those– my breakfast of choice over the last few months has been a toasted whole wheat English muffin with butter, a sliced banana, and plain Greek yogurt. It’s delicious, and I am not sick of it, but I think I should revisit my old favorites. Oh. . . I also haven’t had nut butter in months, which is sort of a crime in and of itself!

I swear I still do!

I am in major list-making mode. I have three more months until Baby B’s arrival, and I just want to make sure I have everything in my control covered. Here’s a glance of some of the things I have already accomplished so far:
– found a pediatrician
– assembled crib
– purchased and set up glider, dresser/changing station, nursery rug
– purchased some wall art
– attended childbirth and infant care classes and hospital tour

Here’s some things I still need to do:
– write and submit maternity leave letter for work
– purchase rest of wall art
– attend breastfeeding class (scheduled for January)
– purchase shelving/storage for nursery and linen closet (have interior designer friend helping us on December 21st)
– purchase rugs for living and dining room (have interior designer friend helping us on December 21st)
– read books (Happiest Baby on the Block, The Nursing Mother’s Companion, Babywise, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding)
– figure out what I need for hospital bag
– purchase whatever I need to after my shower (shower on the 29th of this month!)
– buy new car! (my car’s not exactly baby-friendly) (plan on going last week of December)
– install car seat (not until February) and have it checked

I am sure there is a ton of other things I need to do, but for now that’s a good list I can keep adding to once I think of something else! I feel both relaxed at this stage in the game, but also anxious to get moving on a lot of big projects. December is certainly going to be a busy month, especially towards the end!

I am also very grateful for my students and my coworkers. Teaching is not always easy, but I have to say, my students have been wonderful lately, to the point that they go out of their way to make my job easier. Same goes for my coworkers– they show me so much care on love on a daily basis, it blows me away. I can’t even begin to thank my whole school community, but at the very least, I want to give them a shout out here for how they have really made my day-to-day experience at work so fantastic.

Well, I suppose that’s enough randomness for now. It just feels good to be posting today!

What’s been the number one thing on your mind the last few days?

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