Baby B: Week 27 Recap

It’s official– I am in my third trimester, and I am loving it!  As of today, I am 28 weeks, two days and though there is some debate as to when the third tri begins, I chose the side of caution and am going with 28 weeks, which is the later option lots of books and websites give.

I actually cannot believe I only have 12 weeks left– time is flying by and I am uber excited of course, but also at times I feel overwhelmed at what’s left to do!  Fortunately, I know that many of the things  I “need to do” are actually scheduled to be completed within the next month, so it makes me feel better I have a plan!  In fact, one big thing I did this week that was on the list was hand in my letter announcing my maternity leave!

Anyway, week 27– the last of the second tri– was a good one all around.  In fact, I think this past week is perhaps one of the weeks so far where I have felt my absolute best!

I had my last monthly doctor’s appointment this week– from here on out, it’s every two weeks until the end, where it goes to once a week.  My appointment was on Wednesday, and my doc asked me the usual questions regarding how I am feeling and so on.  Like I said earlier, I felt great, so I had no major issues to discuss.  She let me listen to the heartbeat, and did my measurements, which were all on track.

I did express concern to her about my weight gain so far though.  While I am eating enough and feeling just fine, I haven’t gained as much as I thought I should by now.  She agreed it was on the low end, but she also noted that I am a small person stature-wise to begin with.  Just for some reassurance, she offered to schedule me another ultrasound, just to make sure Baby B is gaining weight as she should.  I jumped at the chance of course, since any opportunity to see her is a blessing.  In fact, I go later today, and I cannot wait.  I also have the gross 1 hour gestational diabetes test this week too. . .

We also went on a tour of our hospital (Woman and Infants, where I myself was born) this past week.  We knew two other couples on the tour (and there was probably only ten people on the our in general!), which just goes to show how small Rhode Island is.  One of the girls on the tour happened to be our wedding planner, and the other was my husband’s friend and coworker.  Even more crazy was the fact our awesome tour guide ended up being our waitress at the restaurant we went to later that night!  Weird but cool!

Here’s some of my week 27 stats! (By the way, please excuse the awful pics! I had fallen asleep and only woke up to take these pics because I nearly forgot!!)


Baby’s size: Two pounds, 14.5 inches long, and the size of one of my favorite veggies, a head of cauliflower!  Apparently, she’s blinking now and may even be sucking her thumbs!

Weight gained:  I have stayed steady this week at around a 7/7.5 lb weight gain.


Exercise: Just a 30 minute walk.  The weather has been so dreadfully cold, that outdoor activity is out of the question.  I never go to the gym after work anymore simply because I am too tired, and I couldn’t make it to the gym over the weekend because of how busy I was.


– Still have a tired back, although it was feeling better this week.

-– I haven’t been feeling so dreadfully full lately, which I hope is a trend that continues into the third trimester.

–  This isn’t really a symptom, but darn is it getting hard to put shoes and especially boots on.  Leaning over and compressing the belly is not a pleasant sensation, but bringing my feet up isn’t easy either!

–  Knock on wood, but my joints, SI pain and sciatic issues barely bothered me this week, considering how bad all of those issues have been in the past.

– I have ridiculously dry skin these days, despite adequate water consumption.  I blame it on the winter.

– My hair has been getting so much thicker (according to my mom).  My mom is kind of obsessed with my hair, so if she says it’s getting thicker, I believe her!

Emotional breakdowns: I haven’t had any breakdowns, but I notice I have been getting crabby at night when I am tired.  On Friday, hubby and I ordered pizza, and things ended up taking longer than we expected.  I was hungry and tired by the time we got our food, and it definitely put me in a bad mood (until I got some food in me that is).  I guess I just have less patience now in general!

Food aversions: None but sometimes I am at a loss for what I want to eat.  I haven’t had strong cravings throughout pregnancy, and sometimes it is hard for me to even figure out what I want.

Food cravings:  I still am into pizza in a big way, but when am I not?  We discovered that adding pesto to an otherwise simple cheese pizza brings it to a whole new level.

Maternity Clothes: I am still rocking about two pairs of maternity pants in combination with my regular pants that still fit or pants I wear with the belly band.  I actually wore two maternity shirts this week too– one stretchy long-sleeved t-shirt and one blouse.

Gender:  Baby girl!

Big Moment of the Week:  A few days ago, I was sort of jokingly complaining to my husband that I get no reaction from strangers regarding my pregnancy.  It’s kind of a silly thing to complain about, I know, but I wasn’t complaining seriously.  It’s just that it seems in public, most people don’t realize I am pregnant (my coat does a good job hiding it).  However, finally, as I was browsing the Whole Foods bakery, a woman approached me and asked me when my big day was!  I actually was taken aback, and literally pointed to my stomach and said “You mean this?”  She nodded, and it dawned on my she noticed my pregnancy!  I was so excited and we chatted it up for awhile.  I have to say, it made my day!!

Of course, hearing baby’s heartbeat was another major highlight of the week!

Finally, the fact that Baby B’s movements are regular and obvious makes this past week noteworthy.  In fact, I think she had a case of hiccups at one point because I felt a steady, rhythmic pulsing for a full five minutes. . . it was so cute.

Looking Forward To:  My ultrasound today.  My mom is coming with me, and she hasn’t been to one yet, so it will be an exciting moment for the two of us.  I also am super psyched for this upcoming week in general– the week before Christmas vacation is a fun one at work.  On the agenda this week we have our school Christmas party, our school teacher’s holiday lunch, and the students’ Christmas Ball, which I am going to attend!  Lots of fun ahead.

Baby Items Purchased: I bought some baby bath products this week (California Baby brand) but I think that’s it!


Gifts received:  My brother bought me the Bob Revolution CE stroller I wanted and had it shipped to my house!  I am so thankful and grateful for the gift– the Bob is a little pricey, but I think it will be perfect for our city living/active lifestyle!  Thanks bro! My sister-in-law also sent me Baby B’s first stocking– so cute!!



This holiday season is going to be a special one, but in a year from now, I can’t believe I’ll have my own little one to shower with love and holiday spirit!

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