A Shower For Baby B

Sunday was by far one of the best days of 2013 for me– it was a day that from beginning to end, I (and Baby B) felt so loved. On Sunday afternoon, my wonderful mother-in-law Diane and amazing sister-in-law Jill hosted a baby shower for me and Baby B, and it truly was perfect.  The shower was just so “me” and it was exactly how I wanted to celebrate Baby B’s arrival.  The level of care and detail Diane and Jill put into the event blows me away, and honestly, at the risk of sounding sappy, just thinking about it now does bring tears to my eyes! Never have I felt so appreciative of having so many caring and thoughtful people in my life!

Be prepared– this is a photo heavy post friends!

My shower was a brunch shower that started at 11, so I was able to relax all morning until it was time to get ready. My husband took a bunch of photos of me in Baby B’s room before I left to commemorate the occasion!


My sister and mom offered to pick me up and take me to the shower.  We managed to get a lovely shot of our family in my home before we made our way over to the venue.  Those two handsome men are my nephews, who happened to be the only males invited to my shower!


I was sad my other sister-in-law Jessica couldn’t make it, as she lives in Washington D.C., but she still managed to surprise me by sending me these gorgeous flowers.


My family and I showed up about fifteen minutes after 11.  The shower was held at CAV, which stands for Café, Antiques, and Victuals.  CAV is an incredible restaurant in Providence known for its delicious food and eclectic atmosphere.  CAV is decorated with tons of global antiques that are actually available for purchase!


Of course when we arrived everyone was already there, but Jill managed to take a bunch of great pictures of our room before guests arrived.  As you can see, the setting was funky yet intimate and it was just my style!

shower-- Cav before guests

The name tags. . .

shower-- name tags

The gift and favor table. . .

shower-- gift table before gifts

and a close up of the favors themselves!  Guests were able to grab some candy and a commemorative baby powder scented candle on the way out!

shower-- favors

The tables. . .

shower-- tables 2

Note the antiques that were everywhere!

shower-- tables

Even the ceiling was beautifully decorated.

shower-- decorations

It was sort of cute that the room the shower was in was blocked off from the rest of the restaurant by this cloth curtain.  I was really able to make an entrance!


I am not going to lie– I was definitely extremely nervous walking in.  I generally am not used to being the center of attention, and I just had a case of the jitters.  However, when I walked in and saw only the warm familiar faces of my best friends and family, all of my anxiety melted away.  As soon as I walked in, I was at ease!

shower-- me talking

I had the most fun visiting all of the tables and chatting it up with my friends!  Here’s a pic of me and the ladies from work!

shower-- me and work table

Below is a photo of me and what I call my “Cumberland crew.”  These are the wonderful women I have met through my husband and are all associated in some way with his hometown!

shower-- me and Cumberland table

And these gals are my Providence crew!

shower-- kim, jenna, meg, ami

This pic is of me and my hometown friends, aka the “North Providence ladies.”

shower-- NP girls

And of course, the family table!

shower-our table

I wanted to show you the corsage I was presented with upon walking in.  It was so cute and such a sweet gesture.


After I visited with all of the guests, it was time for food!  The tables were decorated so beautifully.


There were three options for brunch– apple and walnut French toast, an egg and bacon dish, and a salmon frittata.  I had the famous French toast, and it was melt-in-your mouth fantastic.  Seriously, it definitely was the best French toast I have ever had.


Jill also took a pic of the egg dish, but I missed one of the salmon!


I had a great time hanging out with my family.  To the left is Diane, and to the right is my mom.

shower-- eating

Even the centerpieces were special– apparently they were handmade by one of the servers!


After we were nice and full, it was time for presents!  I still cannot believe how generous and thoughtful everyone was with Baby B and I.  She is a lucky girl who has everything she needs, including the best bevy of “aunties” and family around!

shower--gift table

My nephews helped out with the present-unwrapping operation. Prem, the oldest, was on trash duty, while Om, the youngest seated next to me, brought me the gifts to unwrap!

shower-- me opening gifts

The gifts were all so sweet and perfect– I wish I had the chance to take a photo of each and every one, but let’s just say this Baby is already spoiled!

After the gifts, the festivities wound down.  Of course, there was time for more pics though!  Here’s my sis and nephews!

prem om reshma

My nephew Om was obsessed with the rock candy clearly!

shower om and rock candy

A candid of Diane (on the left) and my good friend’s mom Gail.

shower-- gail and diane

My mom and the hubby’s grandma!

shower-- florence and mom

I did manage to snag one pic of the gifts when we brought them home!


All in all, this was not only one of the best afternoons of 2013, but of my life.  Like I said, I am not used to being the center of attention (well, except in the classroom I guess!), but all of my friends and family put me at such ease and really just made me and Baby B feel so special.  I cannot thank my friends enough for sharing in this day with me and helping me celebrate the newest member of our family.  Their generosity seriously blew me away!  I am also so thankful for my family– my mom, bro, sis, and nephews constantly show me and the baby such care and love, and I am forever thankful to them!  I am blessed with the best family a girl could ask for.  Last but certainly not at all in the least, Diane and Jill (I hope you’re reading!):  thank you so much for doing this for me and the baby!  I have no words to express how grateful I am for you both, so I will just have to settle on the only two I have– thank you!!!!  I love you both so much, and like I said at the shower, I could not ask for a better mother and sister-in-law!!   The shower was beautiful and everything I could have asked for!

I feel so humbled–  I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how good to me and the baby my friends and family are.  Thank you all– I love you!

And thank you blog friends in following me in my pregnancy journey and supporting me so much along the way!  I can’t believe I have less than 10 weeks left until this little nugget arrives!

I hope each and everyone one of you have a safe and happy New Year!

What are your plans for tonight?

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