I had the most amazing meal at my work Christmas party of all places a few weeks ago.  The party was held at Chester’s Restaurant, which is probably somewhere I would never go to on my own, given the fact it is way out of Providence in the burbs.  The meal was served buffet style, and I loaded my plate with the available vegetarian options:  salad, steamed veggies, bread and butter, and the best eggplant parmesan I have ever had!

When I came home, I raved about the eggplant parm.  It is not common for me to obsess over a certain restaurant dish, so my husband knew it must have been special.  He immediately made plans for us to return to Chester’s a few weeks later so I could have my beloved eggplant parm again.  We returned to Chester’s this past Saturday night, and let’s just say the eggplant was as good, if not better, than the eggplant I feasted upon at the party!


Chester’s is my kind of restaurant in that it is casual, but very warm and “hearthy” if that makes sense.  It is the kind of place you want to go to in the winter because the interior almost feels sort of log cabin-ish.  When we arrived around 7:30 on a Saturday night, the restaurant had plenty of empty tables, and our party of four was seated immediately in a cozy booth.

The service was excellent– all of the waitstaff seemed very pleasant and friendly, as well as attentive.  The menu at Chester’s has a lot more than just eggplant parm– there were all sorts of apps including nachos and bruschetta, pasta dishes, sandwiches, burgers, meat entrees, and seafood.  Of course, I knew I was having the eggplant parm dinner, which was advertised on their menu as “famous” and “hand breaded.”  My husband actually jumped on the parm train too and had veal parm.

Our meals started with a house salad with parmesan peppercorn dressing.  It was simple but tasty, and the olives were a great addition.


The main event was the eggplant of course!  Pounded thin, breaded and fried, it was seriously melt-in-your-mouth!  Their sauce is amazing too, and there was a perfect amount of cheese on top.  The garlic bread left a bit to be desired, as it wasn’t crisp or garlicky, but that’s OK, since its main purpose was to sop up the delicious sauce.  The side of ziti with sauce that came with the meal was simple but also satisfying, and a nice accompaniment to the eggplant.



My husband also adored his veal parm and agreed it was some of the “best ever.”  The reason I love their eggplant so much is that it is very thin, not seedy and not tough at all.  You don’t even need a knife to cut through it!

Chester’s is now one of my favorite “off-the beaten-path-from-Providence” restaurants.  When I go back, I want to try one of their fruit and nut salads, nachos, and sweet potato fries!  Oh, and their desserts are all housemade, but unfortunately, I had no room to try one!  I will leave that for next time too!

Do you like eggplant parm?

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