Baby B: Week 30 Recap

As I write this recap, I am now in my 31st week!  Week 30 was a huge week for Baby B and I in so many ways.  First, entering the “30s” just sounds crazy to me.  The light is definitely at the end of this tunnel now in terms of pregnancy– since my due date is March 8th, technically, it could be very feasible that I give birth next month if I just went a little over a week early!

This past week was my last week of winter break, which meant I spent a lot of time at home, and during that time I was in serious nesting mode.  My husband and I did a ton of big and little things that needed to be taken care of for Baby B.  First, we finalized our purchase of a new car last Saturday and actually took it home!  My little two-seater that I have had for nearly 10 years is no more, and I am now the proud owner of a small SUV!  This was a very important and obviously huge purchase for us, and it makes me feel so happy that the baby will have a safe car to ride in!

Me in my new ride:


On Sunday was my shower, which was truly one of the best days of the year, if not of my life!  I already recapped it earlier this week, so I will avoid going into details here, but the whole day was just a big celebration.

I spent most of the rest of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) organizing the gifts I received at the shower and really getting the baby’s room in gear.  Over those three days we did the following:  put together a bookcase and some other wooden storage, had a huge mirror professionally installed in her room, sorted and organized all of her clothes, purchased a bunch of things needed for my trip to the hospital and for the baby that I did not get at the shower, organized her closet, hung up some of her wall art, made up her crib, assembled a side table, and probably a few other things I can’t think of now!  I think its safe to say we are in the final throes of Baby B prep now!

The mirror over her mantle:


The bookcase!


New Year’s eve was spent at a close friend’s house, but we made it home in time to see the ball drop and fall asleep promptly thereafter!  I actually returned back to work on Thursday only to have Friday off again due to snow!  I spent the day relaxing, and we had some friends over that evening for pizza, salad, and chocolate cream pie!  And that marks the end of week 30!

Let’s recap the rest of week 30 in terms of Baby B!


(Don’t mind my outfit above– I was about to go to bed!)

Baby’s size:  According to my Babycenter app, Baby B weighs about 3 lbs and is almost 16 inches tall!  Her weight is equivalent to a head of cabbage.  I feel baby everywhere in my uterus, which makes me feel good about her growth!

Weight gained:  I think I am still around nine pounds up!


Exercise: Well this week was a definite bust exercise wise.  I don’t think I got in any!


– My right sciatic nerve is really causing me trouble.  It makes it hard to get up from a seated or reclined position, and it is especially painful when turning in bed.

-– I am still feeling really full after only eating a little food.  One of my goals for the next few months is to focus on moderating portion sizes (my usual portion sizes make me feel so uncomfortable) and just eating more often.  I am a three square meals type of girl, so eating mini-meals is tough for me, especially since I always look forward to a large dinner.

– This isn’t really a symptom I suppose, but putting on socks and shoes (and boots especially) is a huge hassle,  Bending over and compressing my stomach is so uncomfortable, so I always have to do a jig to get on my socks and shoes!

–  Lots of movement.  But it’s not the dramatic movement that I think a lot of pregnant women feel.  The movements are pretty frequent but very subtle.  My favorite is when she rolls over to one side and makes my whole belly look lopsided!

Emotional breakdowns: None this week!

Food aversions: Once again, I am sort of “off” my usual home-cooked staples, like Asian style greens and different stews.  I actually busted out an Amy’s meal one night because I couldn’t stand the idea of eating leftovers!

Food cravings:  Pizza!  I managed to indulge that craving both last Saturday and this past Friday night.  Also, hummus and pita chips have been tasting really good lately!


Maternity Clothes: Nothing really has changed here– still rocking a mix of maternity and non-maternity pants and shirts.  Here’s a pic of me in my shower dress, which was non-maternity from J Crew.


Gender:  Baby girl!

Big Moment of the Week:  There were so many big moments this week.  My shower was definitely the highlight– it was so fun to have a room of full of all my favorite people!  Also, our little nesting spree was a special time, since hubby and I  spent quality time together in efforts for the baby.  Another big moment was hosting friends at our home for the first time– it was such a great evening.

Though this isn’t necessarily my moment, one of the girls in my pregnancy group had her baby boy, who happened to be the first child born in Rhode Island in the New Year!  Her birth was covered by all news outlets and the state’s major newspaper!  The baby came two weeks early via emergency C-section, but is doing very well!  Congrats Yu-Ting!

Looking Forward To:  Getting all of the tiny, little, last-minute things done this week.  I sketched out a plan for what else is left to buy, and now I am going to have hubby set up a few things like the stroller, rock n’ play, and once we get our rugs, the pack n’ play, which will be the baby’s bed downstairs.  I also plan on practicing babywearing this week with the Moby, Beco Gemini, and Baby K’tan.  Also, by next week, I hope to have the hospital bag started!

Not Looking Forward To:  Nothing really!  I just think that over the next nine weeks, as I get bigger, certain tasks are just going to be harder and that I am not looking forward to.

Baby Items Purchased: A lot!  One thing I did buy are some nursing items, like bras, tanks shirts, and PJs.  I also purchased (but didn’t receive yet) another diaper bag (just to have a second one), some small baby items like a crib mirror and activity arch to entertain the babe, and even some diapers and wipes!

Gifts received:  Wow– the generosity people “showered” me with at my shower was amazing, and hubby, baby, and I received pretty much all of the big things we needed!  Among the gifts, we received some clothes, an activity mat, a swing and bouncer, an exersaucer, the Puj tub, the Moby Wrap, books, gift cards, loveys, the Bumbo seat, and much more!


Looking back, I think week 30 was even more inspiring, productive, and overall amazing than I even thought!  I cannot believe we only have nine weeks (give or take) left now!


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