Baby B: Week 31 Recap

I always write these recaps in hindsight, so as of today, I am a few days into my 32nd week, which blows me away because I am less than two months from meeting my little girl.  I have to admit– while I am going to try and enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy, I kind of sort of hope it goes by fast because I want nothing more than to hold this little one in my arms.  Not only that, but I have a feeling the next eight or so weeks won’t be as smooth sailing as the last few in terms of how I feel!

I am going to keep it real– while Baby B did great this past week, I myself was definitely off.  I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday, and her heartbeat was strong and I was measuring right on track.  I was feeling OK, so when she asked how I was doing, I gave her my standard answer of “good!”  I did have sciatic pain in my left butt cheek, but since that’s not really something new, I didn’t even mention it.

By the next morning, I was feeling awful, and it didn’t even have anything to do with the sciatic issue.  Last June (in fact, according to my journal, it started on June 16th!), I had severe abdominal cramping and pain that ultimately led me to the doctor and to get an abdominal x-ray.  I was worried at the time it was something like appendicitis.  All test results indicated there was no obstruction in my intestinal tract, so my doc prescribed some serious pain killer which I never took (good thing too because by then I was literally a day or two pregnant!).  The pain ended up going away on its own.  Well, sadly, the pain came back late Monday night of this past week, and I immediately knew it was the same issue I had back in June.  I basically felt awful jabbing pains that made it hard to walk, sit or basically do anything.  I knew it wasn’t baby-related since it definitely had happened to me before.  Not to be tmi, but I have some intestinal issues as it is that I took meds for before pregnancy, and I know it is related.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were kind of all a blur.  Yes, I went to work because I figured it would be a distraction from the pain, but it was pretty clear to my coworkers I wasn’t doing well.  Even lying down didn’t give much relief.  The pain made it tough to do things like bend, put on shoes and eat too, since food and water made it feel worse.  Pair this with normal pregnancy discomfort and I was miserable.  The only thing I did was start taking digestive enzymes in hopes that would help.

Long story short, by Friday night, I felt it let up a bit.  Fortunately, I think the pain is on its way out (knock on wood) and I feel much more comfortable.  I still don’t know what causes it, but thank goodness it seems to resolve itself in about a week’s time.  So, unfortunately, week 31 of pregnancy sort of has that dark cloud over it.  It wasn’t a fun week for this girl!

Like I said, Baby B did great this week, so let’s focus on her a bit!


Baby’s size:  This week, my little munchkin weighs about 3.3 pounds, is over 16 inches long, and weighs about what a coconut does!  Basically, she entered a growth spurt this week and is focusing now on fattening up!


Weight gained:  About 9.5 pounds.  I ate the best I could given my abdominal pain, but now I really need to pump up the calories to make sure I gain enough!  It’s so weird that while for many women, they become ravenous during pregnancy because for me, I have felt much the opposite.  While I am used to always feeling full due to the lack of stomach room, I wish I had more of a strong appetite overall.

Exercise: One 60 minute elliptical workout at the gym.


–  I still have right side sciatic nerve pain.  It is not as intense as last week, but it is still there!

-– Jabbing abdominal pain and cramping, as explained above.

– Super dry skin (but fortunately no stretch marks yet!)

– Tired at work, but that could be more because I felt so terrible.

–  Thankfully, my stomach issues didn’t keep Baby B from moving all over the place!  One night, I had my husband just keep his hand on my belly for about ten minutes, and he was able to feel all her little gymnastics.  He was especially amazed at how he could feel her all over.  She’s definitely taking up a lot of space!

– Some nights sleep is awesome– but those are the nights that came after the nights when I was awake for three or four-hour stretches in the middle of the night!

Emotional breakdowns: None!  Well, my pain brought me to almost tears a few times, but I wasn’t really breaking down emotionally!

Food aversions: I am so over anything I cook once again!  Well, this past week, food brought nothing but increased discomfort so most foods didn’t appeal to me.  I kept it simple with lots of yogurt (hoping the probiotics would help!), wheat bread and cheese, bananas, English muffins with butter and clif bars.

Food cravings:  Nothing really, except on Friday night, when my pains started to ease up, all I wanted was pizza, which is exactly what I had.  Oh, and a Crumbs birthday cake cupcake too!

Maternity Clothes: I still am able to wear a lot of my normal clothes, with some maternity pants and tops mixed in.  I did buy a few nursing bras, tops, and pajamas though to be ready for when the baby comes.

Gender:  Baby girl!

Big Moment of the Week:  Any time I can confirm the baby is doing well is a big moment, so my doctor’s appointment Monday qualifies.  My mother-in-law gave me this awesome present– it’s basically a stuffed bunny which contains a recording device so you can record the baby’s heartbeat at the doctor’s office and insert it into the stuffed animal so that when you press down on the bunny, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat!  My doc (who is so great) recorded it for me so now, I have a little bunny that plays her heartbeat!  It’s such a great keepsake and a wonderful idea for a shower gift.

Another great moment was singlehandedly putting together one of our strollers, including the ever-so-confusing car seat attachment.  We tested the carseat in it, and it works!  I have the Citi Mini Baby Jogger (plus the Bob which I won’t be putting together until she’s born).  Also, we got lighting in the baby’s room finally, as well as rugs for the rest of the house!

Looking Forward To:  Getting a lot of other little things in place.  This week, I plan on putting together the swing, bouncy seat, snap and go, rock n’ play sleeper, white noise machine and pack n play.  I know these items aren’t too tough to assemble, but I want them out of the box and ready to be used!  Also, I have started to work on my hospital and diaper bag, so I want to continue to get those ready.   I also am buying the last things I need this week– mainly diapers!

Not Looking Forward To:  Well, not to be a downer, but I am not looking forward to any discomfort that may come with entering the final weeks of pregnancy.  I am still going to be optimistic though and hope I actually start to feel better, not worse, since the stomach pain is going away!

Baby Items Purchased: A bunch of little things, like some toys, books, items for the diaper bag and hospital bag, bibs, baby blankets to keep in the car, and a second diaper bag!

Gifts received:  A coworker who couldn’t make it to my shower gave me a few adorable outfits, plus a cute picture frame!  Thanks Erin!

Despite the discomforts of my 31st week, I guess it wasn’t too bad considering the Baby is thriving and a bunch of progress has been made in regards to Baby prep!  Here’s to my last eight weeks!

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