Baby B: Week 32 Recap

This past week has been a blur for some reason, to the point that I can’t remember much of what I did last week other than go to work! The one thing I do know is that the abdominal pain from week 31 finally passed, so other than sciatica, I was feeling much more comfortable, thank goodness.

Perhaps the reason I can’t remember much of week 32 is because I had a semi-annoying event happen to me on late Wednesday night that prevented me from going into work on Thursday. Long story short, a group of 3 men tried to steal the tires off of my car in the middle of the night! A neighbor actually witnessed it happening and managed to get a license plate number. When I got into my car on Thursday morning and started to back out of my driveway, I noticed something wasn’t right. Fortunately, I did not drive more than a few feet before I stopped to investigate my tires. They were half off! We ended up calling the police, getting it towed and fixed, and fortunately there was no other damage other than the fact our wheels had to be put back on! Needless to say, I had to stay out of work to handle it, which made me really angry since I am trying to save all of my days off for when the baby is here. On the bright side, no one was hurt, the damage was actually minimal, and they didn’t actually get away with my tires! The whole incident was a great reminder that I do live in a city and always need to be careful and aware of my surroundings, especially once baby is here. I also know it could have been much worse, and I am so fortunate it wasn’t!

I also realize that any day I take off from work will cause a mild panic among my students, who all assumed I had gone into early labor!

Anyway, let’s get the rest of this recap going!


Baby’s size: According to Babycenter, Baby B is about 3.75 lbs and 16.7 inches long (the size of a large jicama?)! Basically she’s at the stage where she is just growing like a weed and fattening up!


Weight gained: Finally over the 10lb mark and think I am close to an 11 lb gain! In fact, I think the babe really had a good growth spurt this week because my belly is so much more prominent than in past weeks!

Exercise: One 3.1 mile walk that took almost two hours! Sciatic pain and waddling made for a really slow walk!


– I did some research on my sciatic pain and overall soreness and discomfort in my hips and butt, and I really think it is just my joints and ligaments that attach to my pelvis loosening up prepping for baby’s eventual exit. Sometimes I feel like I did a million squats; other times it more nerve pain up and down my leg. I have had to resort to taking one extra-strength Tylenol a few days this week so I could make it through the work day!

-– Lower back tiredness after I eat lunch for some reason! By the last period of my school day, my back screams for me to lie down!

– Out of breath and always huffing and puffing!

– Clumsiness! What I mean is I am always dropping things this week for some reason, and I wonder if it is pregnancy related. Either that, or I am dropping things as much as I usually do, but pay more attention to it because it takes me forever to bend and pick something up!

– Baby is moving like crazy now, and I love it! In school, at home, during the middle of the night, this little one is wiggling all around, and I especially love how I can feel her all over at once.

– Insomnia has struck. There were at least four nights this week where I was wide awake for hours! The weird thing is I am not any more tired during the day than I usually am. One night, I couldn’t sleep because I started to stress about giving a newborn a bath! I had to wake up and watch you tube videos on how to do it properly, at which point I was able to go back to sleep!

– Part of the insomnia has to do with just having a tough time getting comfortable with my leg and hip pain. The snoogle helps but not always!

Emotional breakdowns: None still! I swear pregnancy makes me a more pleasant person for some strange reason! Even my husband thinks I have been really easy to deal with the past eight plus months!

Food aversions: No food aversions but I have a tough time figuring out what I want to eat at any given time, especially at dinner. I still haven’t been cooking for myself lately because it hasn’t sounded appealing.

Food cravings: This may not be the healthiest (but certainly not the worst either), but every night this week I had an Amy’s frozen burrito for dinner, topped with lettuce, guac, hot sauce, and served with roasted butternut squash and cauliflower on the side. Amy’s burritos are actually pretty good ingredients-wise and have hit the spot for me!

Maternity Clothes: Still in the mix with regular clothes and maternity ones. Since my belly is sort of high, I can actually wear a lot of my old pants buttoned underneath my bump, which has been a fortunate occurrence. I wear tons of long cardigans, scarves, tights and boots, which I feel are stylish but very accommodating for a growing bump!

Gender: Baby girl!

Big Moment of the Week: Well, on Thursday when I was stuck at home, I turned my anger into productivity, when I vowed to spend my time at home wisely. I ended up assembling all of the other things we needed to for the Baby! Now, our swing, bouncy seat, stroller, infant seat caddy, and rock n’ play are all set up. Also, I finished off my diaper and hospital bag, except for things that need to be put in closer to the day, like certain toiletries. I also put most finishing touches on the nursery– the sound machine and humidifier are set-up, all of our furniture is in and assembled, and I even practiced babywearing with the Moby and Beco Gemini! All we have left to do is install the carseat (will do this week) and set-up the video monitor!



I also made a wall collage over Baby B’s changing table from different items I ordered from Etsy. It came out wonderfully, and I am proud for doing it by myself!


Looking Forward To: I actually can’t wait for my breastfeeding class on the 28th of January. I have now focused a lot of my reading and preparation on breastfeeding, and honestly, I can’t wait to do it. It seems like such a great bonding experience between me and the babe, and I really hope it works out for me. I also look forward to getting my electric pump– I am going to wait until she is born to order it just to make sure I will be able to breastfeed. I also am looking forward to starting my new semester in school– for three of my classes, I have a new crop of kids coming in, and since they are only going to be with me for three or four weeks, we have a lot to accomplish in that time! Of course, I am also looking forward to meeting my little babe!

Not Looking Forward To: Not much really! I am entering the stage where I really just want to enjoy every moment and roll with the punches.

Baby Items Purchased: This week, I bought some diaper bag pouches to help me organize it, some diapers and wipes, some more clothes (can’t help it!), some books and some Mustela bath products for the baby. Oh, I also bought an extra car seat base to have for my husband’s car.

Gifts received: My friend at work brought my a piece of cake from my favorite bakery ever, which was such a sweet gesture! Also, my mom gave me a few adorable and cuddly baby blankets.

Though we had a bit of bad luck with my car that left me more angry than anything else, looking back, I can say this past week was an awesome one because of all of my major nesting. It’s really hitting me that she will be here sooner than later, and I cannot wait! I definitely just want to coast through my last few weeks, so getting all the major prep work behind us is a hugely satisfuing. I look forward to my next doctor’s appointment this week to check in on my little one!

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