Baby B: Week 33 Recap

At this point in my pregnancy, time is both flying by and dragging.  I know six weeks is not a long time and my baby will be here before I know it.  However, I think because of my major baby preparations are finished, I often find myself twiddling my thumbs, sitting around waiting for each day to pass!  Dare I say I am kind of bored some days– I can’t wait for Baby B to be here and occupy my time 24-7!

This week I had a doctor’s appointment to check on the little bean (who actually is far from a bean in size!), and she’s doing well!  Again, her heartbeat was strong (the sound of her heartbeat is truly one of the most reassuring sounds I have ever heard!), my fundal measurement was right on, and basically I had no other questions for the doc.  I think with all the information that is out there these days, I can pretty much find the answer to any question I have online or in a book, so when my appointments come around, I really don’t have much to ask.  I did ask her about the fact I still mostly sleep on my back, though I do try to switch from left to right side and back through the night, and she said it was totally fine.  Other than that, the appointment was short and sweet– one more in two weeks and then it’s every week from here until I deliver.

This week at work was “exam week,” so for teachers, it is basically the easiest week ever– we just give and correct out midterm exams, students have a half day, and we don’t have to teach our regular classes.  Throw a day off into the mix on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, plus a snow day on Wednesday, and it was a really low-stress, low-key week at work.  This also may be why I felt particularly antsy this week since work didn’t leave me as tired as usual.

Anyway, I think it is now time to focus on Baby B for a bit!


Baby’s Size:  I really liked the fruit comparison that Babycenter had for a 33 weeker– Baby B is the size of a pineapple this week!  That visual is clear, and to me, big!  By this stage in development, she is fully formed, just fattening up for the most part, over 4 and almost 5 lbs and 17-ish inches long!


Weight gained:  I have gained almost 12 lbs, definitely hitting the 1 lb a week recommendation for this stage.  I know this is sort of crazy to say at 8.5 months now, but finally, strangers everyday are noticing I am pregnant.  Not that I want sympathy or anything, but I enjoy when random people comment on my pregnancy, and it is finally starting to happen pretty frequently.  My belly is growing nicely, and I am loving it!

Exercise:  None other than some mall walking over the weekend during our Boston trip.


– This week, I have insomnia. . . bad!  I tend to fall asleep pretty easily, but wake up wide awake in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep for a few hours.  I am not napping to make up for my lack of sleep either, but I also don’t feel more tired than usual.  I think my body is just prepping for the sleep deprivation and middle-of-the-night wake-ups that will be a regular part of my life pretty soon.  So while I do have insomnia, I am not particularly bothered by it.

– My nerve pain is still there but much less intense.  In fact, I had a few days where I felt I walked pretty normally (in other words, no limping) though of course I still had a standard pregnancy waddle happening!

– I still get full pretty fast, but it isn’t as bad as it was.  I am hoping higher caloric needs at this stage are allowing me to not feel as uncomfortable after a regular-sized meal.  The time that I do feel most uncomfortable though is once I eat lunch at work.  My back immediately starts to feel tired and I have a tough time finding a comfortable sitting position.  I think its because at that point, I have drank a lot of water in the day, and combined with the food volume, I just feel maxed out in the abdominal area.  I do feel better a few hours later though.

– Also, once again, my digestion seems to be slowing down if you catch my drift!

– My thirst is insatiable.  I am probably drinking 20 more ounces of water than I used to when I ran half-marathons!

– My skin is dry, dry, dry.

Emotional breakdowns:  Proudly, not one!  I have to say, I have become almost less affected by stress these days, and much more matter of fact.  My husband’s job is one in which he often has to come home late– at this time last year, I would give him a hard time for it because it disrupted my sleep when he came home.  These days, I could care less, and actually want to engage him in late-night conversations!  Pregnancy, in many ways, has made me much more mellow, and I like that change very much.

Food aversions:  I am sick of a lot of foods, though not necessarily averse to them if it makes sense.  I really have a hard time deciding what to eat for dinner, and lately have been settling on an Amy’s frozen meal, simply because I can’t decide what I want until minutes before it is time to eat.  I have been keeping a variety of those meals around (Indian meals, Mexican meals, Italian meals. etc. . . ) so I can just pick what I am craving at that moment.  I do supplement the frozen dinners with roasted veggies (this week its butternut squash and broccoli) plus some sort of greens, as well as a Siggi’s yogurt for dessert.  Again, frozen dinners aren’t ideal, but I really just don’t want to cook anything right now and decide I don’t really want it!

Food cravings:  Cheese, whole wheat bread, and pizza!  So in other words, nothing new.  I did have an Asian food craving on Saturday night, hence the reason we went to Typhoon Asian Bistro in Boston.  Oh, I also have a new product love– Clif bars in the Sierra Trail Mix flavor.  I have been enjoying one almost every afternoon!



Maternity Clothes:  Same as before– I can still wear many non-maternity pants, shirts, and sweaters, and I have a few maternity pants that I love too.  I am hoping to get through the next six weeks without having to buy any more new clothes.  I am pretty satisfied with the fact I haven’t had to spend too much money on a maternity wardrobe because I would much rather spend my money on Baby B’s wardrobe!

Big Moment of the Week:  Well, I finished everything I think I can in terms of Baby B prep.  Her hospital bag is done.  My hospital bag is done except for what I am wearing home.  Her room is done.  I have even practiced using all of my various wraps and carriers!  I am so happy everything in my control right now is squared away and that does give me peace of mind.  Another big moment of course was hearing baby’s heartbeat again.  Oh, and while this isn’t a specific moment, I am loving every second of her constant movement!

On My Mind This Week:  It’s kind of weird, but both my husband and I have gotten some comments this week along the lines of “life being over” once the baby comes. In fact, someone (who doesn’t know me personally) actually told my husband how I was going to be miserable the first few weeks once baby was born because apparently his wife was due to her sleep deprivation! We actually had a long conversation about this common “life is over” sentiment, and honestly, we both feel the complete opposite.  Yes– having a baby is obviously one of the biggest life changes that a couple can ever experience, and yes– I don’t know what will happen once she is here.  I can easily experience postpartum blues or even depression, and I acknowledge that.  Things are obviously going to be different, crazy, and at times, difficult of course.  However, we both have been waiting and planning for this for a long time.  Is it crazy that I look forward to having someone depend on me for everything?  I feel that right now at age 34, I have lived a full life and a selfish life, in the sense that I have focused primarily on myself.  And to once again be honest, I am looking forward to not being as selfish anymore.  I want to care for a new life.  I want to endure all of the ups and downs of life with a new baby.  I actually can’t wait, and I have felt this way for a long time.  I do understand that people who have been there and done that are actually trying to help and give us a realistic expectation of how life will change once baby is here, but still, I just can’t get behind the idea that life is over.  I think life will be richer, fuller and better.  My husband and I have discussed how our lives are going to be different with a baby  many times, but different is not a bad thing!  I will not know how I will be with a baby until the munchkin is here, so I guess what I am trying to say is I don’t really like being told how I am going to be once baby is here!  I think I’ll wait until she actually is here before I decide how life is!  Ok– end rant!

Looking forward to:  My breastfeeding class on the 28th.  I can’t also wait until February is here so I can say the baby is “coming next month!”

Baby items purchased this week:  Clothes, clothes, clothes– what’s new?  I also bought a few mommy items, like nursing bras and nursing shirts.


Things I am not doing:  For one, I am not making freezer meals.  I know many make meals ahead of time for when they have no time to cook, but my mom has pretty much committed to bringing me food whenever I want it, which I am so grateful for!  Also, hubby, who is grocery-shopping challenged, has agreed to go buy me whatever I want when I want it, as long as I text him a pic of the actual product.  So what I am doing is taking a photo of all of my staples, like Whole Foods whole wheat bread, provolone cheese, Fage plain Greek yogurt, and so on, so that I can text him the pics for when he goes grocery shopping!  I am also not buying a breastpump until the babe is here.  I do plan on having a lactation consultant come over to my house within the first week of her birth, so that’s something I will buy once I do have that visit.  I also am not stocking up big time on diapers.  I have read a lot about how babies can quickly outgrow diaper sizes in the beginning, so I only have two boxes  of newborn diapers, and a box of size ones.  Once she’s here, we will order diapers from Amazon since my husband is an “Amazon mom” member!

Wow– this post ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated.  I guess while it was a slow week in terms of activity, mentally, I had a lot going on!

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