Baby B: 34 Week Recap

As I write this, I am officially in my 35th week, so the fact I can count the weeks left on one hand is definitely making this all feel real!  Needless to say, I cannot wait to meet my little girl!

Week 34 was one of the longest weeks ever and it had nothing really to do with the fact that I am pregnant.  Now of course, any long, busy week is a bit more challenging when you are pregnant, but the reasons this week was especially trying had more to do with work and just having a lot to do!

Last Sunday, I actually had to make a trip to the emergency room at the hospital I am delivering at.  Long story short (and I have a post already written about it), baby and I are totally fine.  In fact, I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital myself except that the doctor on call suggested it just to be safe.  As you can read in my recap of the experience, it wasn’t at all traumatic because I felt deep down inside everything was just fine.


Monday actually was the slowest day of the week, aka the calm before the storm.  Then, on Tuesday, I started a new semester at school and had three new groups of students.  The classes I now have and the students in them are fantastic– the tough part was just that I spent the whole day talking and on my feet because I had to do the whole “first day of class” speech that takes a lot of energy.  By the end of the day I was pooped, but I also had to go to a three hour breastfeeding class that night, so there was little time for rest.

The breastfeeding class was OK.  I already knew a lot of the info, but it was helpful to see the various positions in person and on video.  I feel more confident than ever that breastfeeding is definitely the way to go for me and Baby B.  Anyway, I came home from the class at 9:15, and didn’t end up falling asleep until midnight, which made for a tough Wednesday.

I don’t even really remember Wednesday, but I do remember being worn out and also very busy at work again.  Thursday was another epic day at work where I was on my feet and talking all day long.  I had plans to go to drinks (well water for me!) with some of my best friends from work after school, and lo and behold, when I entered the restaurant, I was shocked to face a whole crowd of teachers– they had a surprise shower for me!  I will dedicate a full post to that too, but let’s just say it was awesome and I felt so truly grateful to work with such generous and caring people.  I ended up getting home that day at nearly 6:30, and after I did all of my daily chores, I was absolutely beat.

Friday was another long day at work, but the highlight was that my friend who threw the shower for me also treated me to a manicure and pedicure after school!  We took a few glorious hours to just chill out.  When I got home though, I had about 90 2-3 page essays to grade, and it took me from 4 to 7:30 to get them done.  My hand hurt by the end of my correcting session and my vision was blurred.  My husband also wasn’t coming home until late, so I ended up eating leftover food from my shower, including lots of cake and chocolate, before hitting the hay.  All in all, week 34 was gratifying, but sort of exhausting!

Because I was so busy, I feel like I didn’t pay enough attention to the baby!  Normally I have plenty of hours in a day to just lie down and feel her kicks and wiggles in my belly.  However, I had so little down time this week that I didn’t really get a chance to spend quality time doing that.  I plan on lots of quiet time with Baby B this week though to connect with her!

Anyway, how about that week 34 recap?


Baby’s Size:  This past week, Baby B was nearly 5lbs, 18 inches long and the size of a cantaloupe, according to my Babycenter app.  It was comforting to know if she was born this week, she’d likely be just fine with minimal intervention!

Weight gained:  I didn’t weigh myself this week, but with the eating I did at my shower and feasting on the leftovers, it is probably safe to say I definitely gained another pound, bring me to a 13ish pound gain so far!


Exercise:  I went to the gym once for a 60 minute elliptical session.  My gym trips from now on may be non-existent since the exertion may have been the reason for my hospital trip the next day.


– Still some intermittent insomnia.

– Also still some nerve pain but it’s not as bad as it has been.

– My most prominent symptom is a tired, achy back.  By the end of my school day my back is screaming and it takes a lot of lying down to get my back calm and relaxed.

– I also have pretty sore legs when I wake up every morning (still no swelling knock on wood).

– My digestive system is definitely moving at a snail’s pace!

– I still am epically thirsty and my skin is so dry it is cracking!

Emotional breakdowns:  None!

Food aversions: I am still feeling blah about food in the sense I never am craving anything specific.  Dinner isn’t as fun as it used to be because I am not that excited about it.  The food at my shower was the best food I ate all week for sure– I had grilled pizza, eggplant parm, pasta with pink vodka sauce, salad, grilled veggies, bread, and cake!  I was so lucky I could take all of those leftovers home too.

Food cravings:  Nothing really.

Maternity Clothes:  I bought a bunch of nursing shirts and maternity shirts online from Babies R Us that came in this week.  The reason I bought them is they were all marked down to about seven dollars, and I had a gift card, so they ended up being free.  All of the maternity styles I bought could be worn after Baby– they’d just be a bit big on me!  I wore a few of those shirts this week.  Otherwise, since Baby B is still sitting high, I can wear many of my regular pants still and a mix of maternity and non-maternity shirts.

Big Moment of the Week:  I guess the hospital trip was a big moment– it reminded me that now is the time to really slow down and take it easy.  My surprise shower was the best moment of the week for sure– I felt so loved!!

On My Mind This Week:  Now I am really starting to count down my last days of work.  I could have anywhere between 10 and 20 work days left, depending on how I feel.  So, I have been trying to get things at work squared away so that when I do leave, things will go smoothly.  The crazy thing is because I have a new crop of students this semester, and I only will be with them for a  few weeks, I am making them do a lot so that when I leave, they won’t have to worry (I teach a workshop for them to get their graduation portfolios together and the goal is for them to get it done before I leave so they won’t have to worry about it when I am gone!).  So my last weeks at work are going to be so busy, but I am hoping that just makes the days fly by.

Looking forward to:  My next and last ultrasound in less than 10 days!

Baby items purchased this week:  I bought some clothes for the babe at a huge sale at The Children’s Place my friend alerted me to.  I ended up buying about 15 items for about 23 bucks!

Gifts received:  A ton this week!  My mother-in-law brought over another outfit and toy for Baby B.



A coworker gave me the most adorable knitted bunting– the buttons are cupcakes!



At my shower, I received gift cards, some baby items like a backseat mirror, bath toys, and changing station, and the high chair I wanted!  Again, I feel so grateful and blessed!


I am hopeful that week 35 turns out to be a bit more restful.  My goal for the month of February is to really just slow down and take care of myself so that in turn, I am taking care of my baby!  I can’t believe I can officially say this baby is due next month!!

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