Baby B: Week 36 Recap

As of today, I have just under three weeks left until my due date!  I absolutely am in countdown mode and spend more and more time everyday just imagining what it will be like to hold the little angel for the first time!  To say I am excited is a severe understatement– it is overwhelming sometimes how much I want to meet my little one in person.

This past week was another really wonderful one– I felt great, work was calm, I was graced with a surprise snow day, and my Valentine’s Day was perhaps my best ever.  Most importantly, Baby B, as of my ultrasound on Tuesday, is doing great!  She’s in the right head-down position, her heartbeat was on point, and the tech estimated her weight to be 6 lbs, 2 ounces, which would put her right over seven pounds by the time she is born.  Her size is 54th percentile, and I am very happy about that!  One of my biggest concerns throughout this whole pregnancy has been Baby B’s growth, only because my weight gain has been below average.  However, it seems she is growing like a champ!

Here’s a pic of her nose and lips– so cute!


Now onto some Baby B stats!


Baby’s Size:  Babycenter reports that Miss Baby B is about 6 lbs this week and a bit over 18.5 inches long.  Her main job from now on is packing on the pounds, and she is gaining about an ounce a day!  Her veggie comparison is a head of romaine lettuce!

Weight gained:  On my one weigh in this week I seemed to have lost about half a pound, putting me at a 13 lb gain.  However, this doesn’t mean anything in the long run, as it could just be water weight or a natural fluctuation.  I did feel like I didn’t gain much this week, so I made sure to indulge quite a bit on Valentine’s Day.  I also read it is fairly common for weight gain to stall a bit in the last weeks of pregnancy.


Exercise:  No formal exercise, and I am pretty sure any formal exercise is not in the cards for me from here on out.  Like I said last week, school keeps my very active, so it is not like I am a bump on a log!  The one thing that stinks about being pregnant during the dead of winter is my inability to get outside, even for short walks.  The road and sidewalk conditions are so terrible in Providence that even if we had a warmer spell, I would be afraid to fall outside!


– Sleep is terrible, and it is almost comical!  I actually don’t mind it though because despite the fact I am wide awake for hours every night, I don’t feel any more tired than usual throughout the day.  I think I am really just preparing for when I will be up all of the time with the baby!

– My joints and nerves are still cooperating– I walk without a limp and with barely any pain!  I almost don’t waddle anymore either!

– Even my back pain has let up a bit.  This could be because I sit more now at work than I used to, but I am grateful that my back hasn’t acted up during the school day too much.

– My digestion still is humming along.  Not to be tmi, but I have read that as you get closer to your due date, your system tends to clean itself out better, and I have definitely been experiencing that this past week.  In fact, I wonder if that is why I lost some weight this week!

–  My thirst is still raging, and I am pounding a ton of water.  My skin is still dry as a bone.  My hair however is looking great and I barely lose a strand on a day-to-day basis.  Obviously, I attribute that to my prenatals.  Weirdly though my nails are pretty brittle!

– A symptom that I have felt increasingly this week is rib cage numbness on my right side, which is exactly where my doctor thinks the baby’s feet are.  It is such a weird feeling to have a numb spot under my rib cage!

Emotional breakdowns:  None still!  I swear pregnancy has made me such a nicer, calmer and more pleasant person to be around.

Food aversions: Nothing really.

Food cravings:  Last Saturday, my husband left me in charge of picking where we would go to dinner so I could satisfy any craving I had.  At first, I was all about Asian food, then I decided on pizza, and finally, at the last minute I realized what I really wanted was chips and salsa, a black bean burger, fries and a gooey dessert.  So, off to Chili’s we went, and I have to say it was one of the best meals I have had in a long time!  Their black bean burgers are so good!




Maternity Clothes:  Nothing new here– still a combo of a few maternity pieces, my regular clothes, and a bunch of flowy shirts I bought at Old Navy one size up from my regular size.

Big Moment of the Week:  My ultrasound was definitely the highlight of the week.  It was such a relief to hear the baby is thriving.  I love seeing her wiggle around and I am kind of sad that unless I end up going past my due date, I probably won’t have another one.

On My Mind This Week:  I am kind of obsessed with taking care of all last-minute preparations.  I made an appointment to get my car seat checked but it was cancelled due to snow, so I have to go either today or tomorrow.  I also bought some hospital snacks (packs of nuts and energy bars mostly) to add to my hospital bag.  I have settled on a coming home outfit for myself and keep rechecking my list of last-minute things to add to my hospital bag.  All of the babe’s things are settled, both in the nursery and around the house.  I worked on her baby book, adding pictures and updating it.  In other words, I have done a lot of the little prep things that I saved for these final weeks, and I will continue to chip away at that list in the coming week.

Looking forward to:  My doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  I think I will have my first cervical check to see if I am effaced and/or dilated.

Baby items purchased this week:  I bought a few outfits for the babe this week at Carter’s since I had a return to make and had some coupons.  I also went to Trader Joe’s for the first time since June to buy some snacks for the hospital (mostly individual nut and trail mix packets).  I also bought some newborn legwarmers since I realized a combo of a onesie and leg warmers are a good outfit for newborns that allow easy diaper changes.

Other Preparations:  I actually started cleaning some things in my house, like my fridge and freezer, and I also have cleaned out and taken home everything I need to at work, just in case I don’t return after this vacation week.  I reorganized many of her clothes too.  I am actually kind of obsessed with looking at her clothes– they are so cute!

Gifts received:  One of my students gave me the most adorable hand-knit hat her grandma made.  it was such a sweet gesture!  My husband also sent me the most gorgeous roses at work for Valentine’s Day– it was such a sweet surprise.



I can’t believe how close hubby and I are to welcoming our little one!  On Valentine’s Day, we celebrated with pizza, cupcakes and chocolate on the couch, and we spoke a lot about how much we were looking forward to having this baby make her entrance.  It truly warms my heart to see how genuinely excited he is to be a dad.  In fact, one night this week, my husband was stuck at work until midnight, and had to walk home from the train at midnight in the rain.  Then, when he got home, he had to shovel.  By the time he got to bed it was 1 AM and he was beat.  I was still awake, and I pointed out to him how the baby, who usually hangs out on my right side, was totally on my left side (which is his side of the bed).  He basically said that that was the baby’s way of comforting him for his long day, by hanging out on the side of my belly closest to him.  I just thought that was the cutest thing ever!

This coming week is going to be an epic one.  Since I am on winter break for the week, I plan on finalizing each and every baby-related to-do, plus I have made plans with a bunch of different friends, kind of like our last hurrah before the babe arrives.  It’s going to be busy and epic, all in a great way.  After that, I will be pretty low-key until the baby arrives!

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