Baby B: Week 38 Recap

I absolutely cannot believe that I am in what technically would be considered my last week of pregnancy!  As I write this I have just started my 39th week, which means my baby can be here any day now!  Words cannot even express the anticipation and excitement I feel!

Week 38 actually was a great week pregnancy-wise.  I felt good, accomplished a lot, and also had plenty of time to relax.  On Saturday of last week, I enjoyed one last hurrah with my sister, her husband, my nephews and my mother-in-law, as we went out to dinner at one of my favorite pizza restaurants, Cumberland House of Pizza. 





We assumed it would be our last chance to celebrate the baby together before her arrival, so we enjoyed some good food and good times together!  On Sunday, I think I pretty much took it easy all day, perhaps with the exception of some grocery shopping with the husband.  Oh, actually, we did do one awesome thing on Sunday– we went to visit some of our friends and their 12 day old newborn!  He was so squirmy and adorable, and I got lots of wonderful advice on dealing with my time in the hospital and the first few days after I am home!

As far as the weekdays, the most significant part of this past week is the fact it was my last work week until next September!  Most teachers assumed I would not be returning to work after my weeklong February school vacation, but I actually went to work for one more week after.  I figured work would be a great distraction, and since I was feeling fine, why not?  I actually am really proud of myself for going to work for as long as I did– in fact, I did not miss a single school day this year for anything pregnancy-related; in fact, the only days I missed were for a funeral and because of car trouble!  So, week 38 was my last week working, and I have to say, it was quite smooth.  It still hasn’t hit me that as of today, I won’t be waking up at 4:50 A.M. to get ready for school!

Last week, I talked a lot about new pregnancy symptoms, like cramping and discomfort.  Weirdly enough, those symptoms faded a bit this week, and I felt pretty “normal” considering how far along I am.  At my doctor’s appointment Monday, I found that I still wasn’t dilated much, but the baby’s head is so low, that (quote from my doctor) “I am surprised you can still walk!”  I take that as a good sign that baby is totally in the right position to make her entrance!

Well, I suppose it’s prime time for the rest of the recap. . .



Baby’s Size: Babycenter reports that this week that my babe is about 6.8 pounds and almost 20 inches long (the length of a leek!).  She’s just continuing to fatten up!

Weight gained: Well, at my doctor’s appointment on Monday, my weight hadn’t changed from the prior week, but my guess I actually have gone up about a pound or so.  So let’s put it at about 15 pounds!

Exercise: Yeah, right!  I was very active at work this week, and after school, where I went shopping a lot and tried to keep moving.


– Man, oh man, I am not catching any sleep!  It seriously is not because I am uncomfortable– I have no idea why I am wide awake all of the time!  I had at least two totally sleepless nights this past week, and even when I do sleep decently, my eyes pop open at 4 A.M.  I don’t feel especially tired though, so whatever!

– The joints are doing OK, but my legs have started to get really sore at night, as if I have just ran a half-marathon or something!  I am not swelling at all, but my legs are so tired!

– Just keeping it real here– for someone who struggles with constipation, I haven’t really had that problem at all lately, which I am grateful for.  This is despite the fact I barely am eating any veggies these days (again, it is like I am back in the first trimester in foods I don’t want to eat!).

– Some days I feel ridiculously full all of the time; others not so much.  But overall my appetite is pretty sad.

– Baby is still moving and rolling around like a champ.  She is definitely taking up a lot of room, and at times, the area near the top of my ribcage goes numb because of what I assume are her legs kicking me up there!

Emotional breakdowns: None! I barely saw my husband this past week too, and I was as cool as a cucumber!

Food aversions: My usual curries and stews I prep for myself.  Most veggies.  Anything that leaves a garlicky taste in my mouth.

Food cravings: Pizza, clif bars, and the only veggies I feel like eating are fresh Greek or fruit and nut salads.  Honestly though, food isn’t that appealing these days period.  I did enjoy a bag of jalapeno flavored kettle chips with my pizza on Friday night that was delightful!

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new– still mixing regular and maternity.

Big Moment of the Week: The end of my school year was obviously a big moment.  My coworkers showed me so much love, care, and concern this week– it was so touching.  Students also were so adorable in how they wished me the best and demanded baby updates once she is born!

Gifts received:  My wonderful mother-in-law gave me a few cute hats and a sleep bag for the babe.  My fellow history teachers surprised me with a gift certificate to Babies R’ Us and a card full of well wishes!

On My Mind This Week: My husband and I have really narrowed down our to-do list for baby’s arrival!  Basically, if I were to go into labor, we just have toss a few more things into my hospital bad and into my car and we are good to go!  I am sort of obsessing now with a few things, such as ordering extras of supplies I already have, but honestly, I feel like we have taken care of everything we really need to take care of!

Looking forward to: My doctor’s appointment today (although the weather may force me to cancel!).  I want to see if I have made any more progress!  For some reason, I think Baby B is going to come a few days late based on my lack of symptoms lately.

Baby items purchased this week: A changing pad for the downstairs bathroom, a changing pad cover, extra changing pad liners, and some plastic baby poop bags for when I don’t have access to a garbage!

Other Preparations: I have started to take pics of all of my favorite food products so that when my husband has to go grocery shopping on his own after the baby gets here, he will have a visual guide of what to buy.  No offense to him, but he’s pretty clueless when it comes to grocery shopping!

Well friends, I can’t believe this pregnancy journey is almost over.  It’s surreal in fact.  Of course, stay tuned for any major updates!

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