Day 13: A Day In The Life

I have always toyed with the idea of doing a day in the life post about myself, but since my days before Aria were pretty routine and not too exciting, I never felt enough motivation to actually sit down and write the post! Now, however, every day with the little one is a new adventure, and things are changing so fast (I know she’s only two weeks old, but she is getting so big!).  I figured a day in the life of a new mom post may be fairly interesting, so here goes!

Midnight, Sunday, March 16th:  Aria is sleeping on daddy’s chest so I can get in what is a guaranteed two and a half hour nap!  We are both camped out downstairs, with my husband on one side of the l-shaped couch, and me on the other.  I am so tired, I don’t even remember falling asleep!

1 A.M.  Aria wakes up; we switch off on baby duty.  My husband goes upstairs to sleep while I stay downstairs and feed her.  The feeding process takes about an hour and when I look at the clock next, it is 2:15 A.M.  I also changed her diaper midway through the feeding to keep her awake enough to eat.

2:30 A.M. I swaddle Aria up in an Aden and Anais blanket (these things are amazing since she is too small still for Velcro swaddles!) before I put her in her Fisher Price Rock n’ Play sleeper.  She fusses a bit, waking up and giving the occasional shriek, but eventually she lulls herself to sleep. I quickly curl up on the couch so that I can keep an eye on her and also force myself to sleep.

5:40 A.M.  Girlfriend has nearly three hours of pretty uninterrupted sleep!  She wakes up, I change her diaper, and feed her.  She is a little antsy, so the feeding process takes a bit over an hour till about 7 A.M.  I swaddle her up again and place her in her sleeper, and once again she falls asleep!  I too return to my place on the couch to catch a few winks.

7 A.M.  I wake up (it is hard for me to sleep past 7 despite my sleep deprivation), and quickly see Aria is still fast asleep!  Since she is in a pretty deep sleep, I use this opportunity to head upstairs, take a shower, head back downstairs to clean up a bit, and then just wait for her to rise.

8 A.M. She’s awake!


All in all, she had a great night of sleep, and I even managed to get at least five to six hours total.  We head up to her nursery (which is my favorite room in the house and gets the best sunlight in the morning).  I adore mornings in her nursery.  I start by feeding her right away in our glider (so comfy!) while we listen to the Pandora Rock a Bye station.  She eats pretty voraciously; I change her diaper and actually change her into her outfit of the day, mid-feed, to keep her awake!  Of course, I can’t help but snap some pics!




9:02:  She’s done eating and definitely sleepy again.  Aria is ready for her morning crib nap, where I rock her to sleep, place her in the crib unswaddled, and let her take a snooze.  She snoozes for a bit but actually hangs out in the crib for a long time in a state of quiet alertness.

9-10:25:  While Aria snoozes and entertains herself in her crib, I run downstairs to grab breakfast, put away her Rock n’ Play and tidy up the living room, and head back into her nursery where I eat, check email, and start typing this post.  My husband is also waking up at this time, so I go chat with him for a bit!  Breakfast this morning is cottage cheese, a banana, and half of a corn muffin from Whole Foods.  Oh, I also have a large black coffee, half decaf, from Dunkin Donuts that I microwave from my fridge.


10:30:  Aria is up and ready to be changed and eat again.  We first creep over to dad in the bed and she hangs out with him for a bit while I sit next to them. Then, it’s diaper time and feeding time.  Once again, she eats voraciously, which is lovely sight to see!

11:15:  Aria is sleepy again!  This time, I wrap her up in my Baby K’tan and let her snooze on me while I sit down to continue to type this post sitting in the glider in her nursery.


She is so comfortable and content, and since she is a little heater, she keeps me warm! Here’s my view of Aria as I look down at her on my chest– she’s such a little munchkin!!



Meanwhile, dad has already showered and leaves the house to go grocery shopping for us. He is now our shopper; I give him explicit instructions in an email regarding what to buy!

1 P.M.  Aria is awake!  I change her diaper and feed her, which takes only 30 minutes or so this time around.

1:30 P.M.  Aria is pretty alert right now, so in an effort to keep her awake for a bit, I place her on her play mat.  She wasn’t happy on it though, so I put her in the Bobby Lounger.  She is alert and happy and awake for about fifteen minutes but slowly drifts off to sleep.  I let her be and decide now is a great time to grab some food.  I get some hummus, crackers, baby carrots, string cheese and some unpictured pineapple to snack on while I watch some tv, with Ari right next to me on the lounger.


2:45 P.M.  This is by far the longest Aria has ever hung out on her lounger being content!  She is awake again but still happy lounging!

3:00-3:40 P.M. Feeding time again, with a diaper change mid-feed.  Also, my sister and nephew came by to visit, so once she was done eating and she drifted off, they took turns holding her and loving her!  My nephew Prem is totally obsessed with Aria and is such a pro at holding her and playing with her.

4:30 P.M.  My sister and nephew say goodbye, and it is time for Aria’s bath!  We have a newborn photo shoot tomorrow, so we want her to be nice and fresh.  She gets a diaper change and sponge bath– not her favorite thing, but all in all, she was very cooperative.

5:15 P.M.  Aria gets fed again, just in time for her next visitor– Gigi!

6:00 P.M.  Gigi’s arrival makes Aria super happy (that’s my husband’s mom!).  Aria loves her grandma!  Gigi brought Aria a special gift too– her first doll!


My husband went out and got us all Chili’s takeout, and we have a great time chatting and playing with Aria.  I actually don’t eat my dinner till later though; the later I eat, the more energy I have during the night!  Aria was very awake and quite content during Gigi’s visit.

7-7:30 P.M.  Aria feeds again; she falls asleep so we put her in her Rock n’ Play so now I can eat dinner!

8:00 P.M.  I wolf down some chips and salsa, 1/2  of a black bean burger and sweet potato fries while Aria is asleep.  Just as I grab dessert, she wakes up hungry!

8:40-10 P.M.  Aria goes on a feeding frenzy!  Just as I think she is done, she wakes up and wants more.  I sneak in a few Oreos and 2 pieces of chocolate during her feed.  After she is done eating for good, I pass her off to dad, where she takes a two hour snooze on his chest.  I also take the opportunity to sleep for a few hours.

12-12:30 A.M.  I feed Aria again, swaddle her up and place her in her sleeper.  She sleeps until 2, when she feeds again.  Oh, and just assume that every time there is a feed, there is a diaper change mid-feed too! I also wish her a happy two week birthday when the clock strikes midnight!

2-4:35 A.M.  Aria and I both sleep! I’m curled up on the couch and fast asleep in no time.

Well I have recapped a full 24 hours by this point, but to give you a sense of the rest of her night, I fed her again for twenty minutes until 5 A.M., and she and I both slept again until 7. Then our morning routine begins again!

Sunday was a great day with the munchkin. We had a nice mix of time with each other, with dad, and with family. She even managed to allow me a decent amount of sleep (though admittedly, none of it is deep because I can’t help but check on her every twenty minutes!). What is so interesting to me though is that though every day is unpredictable, I do see the beginnings of a very loose routine emerging. For example, her morning crib nap has occurred for the last four days in a row. She typically has three or four stretches of evening sleep, or at least that has been the case for the last few nights. It is so exciting to see her fall into a somewhat rhythm.

That being said, I know as she grows, things will change constantly. I so look forward to seeing how she does change day to day!

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