Baby Aria: One Month!

On Monday, April 3rd, my little love turned one month old!


I can’t even take how adorable she is!

Honestly, I cannot even believe she is mine! I am truly blessed!

Her feet *almost* reach the bottom of her footie pants! Just a few weeks ago, I couldn’t put anything footie on her since her froggy legs refused to extend down!



She hasn’t had her one month appointment yet, but I cannot wait to see how much she has grown. Every day, she looks chubbier and chubbier and is really filling out! Even though breastfeeding is hard at times, seeing her thrive is the best motivation to keep going!

Some one month facts:

She has crazy neck strength and can lift her head up and turn it side to side easily.

She can scoot around on her playmat! She starts out facing one direction and ends up facing another!

She can track objects with her eyes pretty easily, and definitely recognizes mom and dad.


She loves, loves, loves staring at herself in the crib mirror and the mirror on her swing.

She still enjoys her morning crib time and gives me just enough time to shower and eat!


Speaking of her swing, it truly is her favorite place to hang. She happily chills in there for long naps and also doesn’t mind hanging out there awake when mom and dad need to do things around the house.

She still makes the craziest noises while sleeping, but I am getting used to them now, and can finally tell the difference between her sleep cry and awake cry!

Swaddling is key for her to sleep– her moro (startle reflex) is still strong and definitely would wake her if I didn’t swaddle her arms down! Except when she falls asleep on me. . .


She finally can take naps in her bouncy seat– but don’t put her in there awake!

She has taken a bottle three times (filled with expressed breastmilk!). She hasn’t necessarily liked it, but she drank it! I am planning on trying one bottle a day until her one month appointment until I consult with her doc to make a plan on how I can make her more comfy taking a bottle.

She took her farthest trip yet to Wrentham outlets in Massachusetts– we were gone for three hours and she didn’t cry once! I fed her a bottle before we left, breastfed her in the car once we got there, and fed her when we got home. At the outlets, she went between sleeping and alert, happy awake time. I was so proud!

Her eyes aren’t brown yet– they are a cool greyish bluish brown. I do expect them to turn brown, but for now, they are quite the unusual hue! Hubby has bright blue eyes and mine are brown, so I am pretty sure they will go brown eventually!

She goes to sleep on most nights between 8 and 8:30, with a wake up between 11 and 12. Then she sleeps again after feeding for a few hours (wakes up between 3 and 4), feeds again, and then tends to sleep until between 6 and 7. Sometimes there’s an extra wakeup and feeding somewhere else in there too, but knock on wood, I am pleased with her latest sleeping schedule. I can’t ask for much more than that!

And on a momma note. . .

Lately, I feel like I have been looking up online nearly every little thing I do to see how I should do it (like introducing the bottle). The more I read, the more confused I get. So for now, I am taking a go with the flow approach. I am consciously going to not spend my free time on Dr. Google. I know she is doing well, healthy and thriving, and most importantly showered with love. As long as that is the case, I know I am doing the right thing. I remind myself that my mom didn’t have baby books or the internet, but yet, her kids are all happy, healthy and well-adjusted adults and were happy, healthy babies and kids. I think maternal instinct is what I will rely on for the next few weeks and avoid all the books and internet advice!

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