Blizzard of 2015

Thanks to Juno, I had a few days off of work this past week, a husband who had no choice but to be home and not work like crazy, and plenty of quality time with my peanut. Needless to say, the storm in a way has been a blessing– basically a staycation!

We prepped by making sure we ordered two large pizzas on Monday night so we would have plenty of food for the next few days. My ride home on Monday afternoon was awful– it took over an hour to get home from my mom’s when it should have taken 20 minutes; however, knowing I would be able to relax at home for the next few days made the commute bearable.

I was most excited for Aria seeing her first significant snowfall! Last year, before she was born, I had bought a 12 month size snowsuit and matching coat on mega-clearance from Target, figuring it could come in handy. Literally the tags were still on, and the snowsuit was five bucks! My husband and I decided to bundle her up and take her on a snow walk (just around the block) and despite the cold, Aria was so happy!  Don’t let her face in the photos fool you– she didn’t want to go back inside (her stern face was because of the wind!). She always loves the outdoors, so I wasn’t too surprised.

My only concern for our snow days was if she would get bored at home since I have taken her out of the house on a ride somewhere seriously everyday probably since she was four months old! We haven’t had a day trapped in the house in recent memory, so I wasn’t sure how she would handle it. Well, she was amazing! She napped well, ate well and had fun playing with her toys. In fact, she didn’t seem at all restless. It just makes me realize how she is not a little baby anymore, but rather an almost toddler who doesn’t mind spending the day playing.

All in all we had a wonderful couple of snow days so far– I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with my husband and baby without any disruptions or distractions. I’ll leave you with some of our favorite blizzard photos!


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