Nantucket Weekend: Breakfast With A Red Sox At Fog Island Cafe

A few weeks ago, I spent an amazing weekend in Nantucket, and I am nowhere near finishing the recap! I posted part 1 here, and part 2 here. . . so here’s part 3!

I think I have covered enough of our first night in Nantucket to move onto day two, no? So, after a great night’s sleep at the Vanessa Noel Hotel (no creepy occurrences to report!), I actually managed to sleep in late by my standards and rise at 7! I got up, got ready, and did some bloggy stuff until the husband was ready to go to brunch. We didn’t make it out of the room until 10:15 or so, so needless to say I was starving, but food was not my most urgent need. For someone who caffeinates herself at 4:30 or 5 A.M. on most days, to have to wait until 10 for my fix was torture. I needed coffee– bad– so we headed off to get some and grab some grub at The Fog Island Cafe.

When we were in Nantucket five years ago, we went to Fog Island Cafe on our last day because we had heard it was of the best breakfast spots in town, and we wanted to save the best for last of course. I remember eating epic hash browns loaded with veggies and cheese, and declaring them the best pan-fried potatoes I had ever eaten. Those potatoes still retain that title by the way!

This time around, we checked out the menu on-line to ensure their were vegan, low-gluten options for me before we decided to revisit, and fortunately, the huge breakfast menu seemed to be able to take care of my needs. I was so excited to return, as rumor has it that the cafe still serves up some of the best breakfast and brunch in Nantucket!

IMG_5032 Fog Island Cafe Sign

The restaurant itself reminds me of a diner, but much more clean and dignified. In other words, it had the vibe of a homey breakfast joint, but keep in mind it is in Nantucket, where nothing seems to really be a “joint.” You won’t find that element of general greasiness that many breakfast restaurants tend to possess.  It was cute and kitschy– just the kind of place you want to enjoy a fun breakfast in!

I mean, come on, how could I not love a spot that has a Periodic Table of Vegetables printed on its table surface?

IMG_5033 Fog Island Periodic Table Of Veggies

We scored a booth right by the window and ordered my java medicine immediately.

IMG_5035 Fog Island Coffee Mug

Just to show you how desperate I was for coffee– let’s do a before and after comparison. Look how crazy I look before my first sip– my hair’s a mess, my eyes are wild, and I look like I haven’t slept in years!

IMG_5036 Fog Island Ami Needs Coffee

But once the good stuff starts flowing through my veins, I become a whole new being! My hair magically smooths out, the color in my face returns, and all nervous tics disappear!

IMG_5037 Fog Island Ami Drinks Coffee

We perused the menu, although I knew already what I was going to order. The menu itself boasts standard breakfast and brunch fair, but with some slightly more sophisticated twists than you may see at a local diner. There were tons of pancake and waffle options, eggs and egg creations galore, and a multitude of wraps and sandwiches for those who need their carbs! Pastries, breads, bagels, muffins and more all make their way onto the menu as well.

IMG_5034 Fog Island Menu

I ended up ordering their oatmeal, which as described on the menu, contains apples, dried cranberries and brown sugar. I requested the dried cranberries and sugar be left out, and that banana and nuts be added into the mix. The waitress was super accommodating, and understood my need for more protein and fats as a vegan.

You never know what your bowl is going to look like when you order oatmeal out– sometimes it is watery, sometimes it is bland, other times the toppings are scarce. . . even though it seems like a standard order, it is really not! So believe me when I say I was beyond impressed by the bowl of goodness they set before me!

IMG_5038 Fog Island Oatmeal

Let me break it down for you– the oatmeal was so thick, creamy and voluminous. They clearly cook it long and slow over the stove-top. Fresh chunks of cooked apples could be found generously peppered throughout the oats. They bananas on top were of a perfect texture and plentiful, and the raw nuts were large and delicious. Not only that, but as I was eating, I discovered they stirred in additional walnuts into the oatmeal too! Seriously, I never thought I would say anything could have almost too many nuts, but this bowl almost did! And that is not meant to be a complaint, for sure!

My husband dominated this gorgeous fruit bowl– look at how many of the better fruits they put in there? I hate when places just load up on one thing like melon and barely include any of the good stuff, like berries or pineapple! Fog Island Cafe is not stingy with quality ingredients, as evidenced by his fruit bowl and my oatmeal.

IMG_5039 Fog Island Fruit Bowl

Just as we were about to dive into our meals, I spotted someone quite familiar-looking heading towards us, about to be seated next to us. I immediately realized who it was– Jason Varitek, former Boston Red Sox catcher! I don’t even know how I was able to make that determination in a split second, since it’s not like I see him on tv everyday, but I just knew. He was with a woman, and they were literally seated inches away from us.

Of course I kept it cool and let him enjoy his brunch in peace, but you better believed I paid attention to everything they ordered and tried my best to eavesdrop on their convo. I know that’s semi-stalker, but you know what, I don’t care! He got an omelete, she got pancakes. OK, I didn’t end up really catching much of what they talked about because I tried to pay at least some attention to my own dining companion! Another celebrity sighting to add to my list– it really made my day!

Now, back to my oatmeal– just look how chock full of goodness each bite was!

IMG_5040 Fog Island Oatmeal Bite

I literally could not finish it! For a girl who usually requests extra nuts in dishes, I had to leave so many walnuts behind it makes me sad now looking at my half-eaten bowl!

IMG_5041 Fog Island oatmeal unfinished

My husband though had no problem finishing off his generously sized fruit bowl!

IMG_5042 Fog Island Fruit Empty

I am about to make a bold declaration. I thought my oatmeal at Le Pain Quotidien was the best restaurant oatmeal I had ever had. I retract that statement, and now give the award to Fog Island Cafe. The oatmeal was so hearty and delicious that I thought about it all day, and even regretted leaving some behind. In fact, we went back the next morning so I could have some more! I just could not get it out of my head!

Great oatmeal, great celebrity sighting, but most importantly, great company. It was so nice to enjoy a breakfast with my husband– we hardly ever do it! Fog Island Cafe is really one of our favorite breakfast spots ever, and I look forward to our return next summer!

Have you ever had random celebrity sightings? Who did you see??? This stuff fascinates me!

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