Nantucket Weekend: The Beach, Flowers, And Vegan Chocolate

Yeah– I know I went to Nantucket a month ago, but there was so much to report back to you all, that I still have two more posts to go to fully cover the entire adventure! To refresh your memory and catch you up to speed, check out part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4!  Now here’s my next installment!  Posting this today is actually exactly what I need– a nice reminder of how much fun my husband and I had, and also great motivation to finish out my next three weeks of classes strong since I have another trip (to NYC) to look forward too!  Enjoy!

After breakfast at Fog Island Cafe, we returned back to our room to hatch a plan for the rest of the afternoon. We decided to walk to the beach, take a nap on the sand while soaking up the sun, and stroll on back. We had the option of checking out a beach almost six miles away, or walking to one only three miles away. Smartly, we chose the three-mile-away beach– we figured a six-mile walk round trip would be a perfect amount of exercise for the day. Twelve miles, while carrying towels and wearing flip-flips, sounded a bit excessive and a lot painful!

We headed to Surfside Beach, known for its family friendly vibe and beautiful smooth sand.

Nantucket Beach 1

Since we were visiting early in the season, the beach was definitely not crowded, but there were enough people to make us feel like we weren’t alone!

Nantucket Beach 3

We rolled out a few towels, laid down, and promptly each took an hour nap! We woke up and were shocked to find we both passed out so quickly! We weren’t even wearing bathing suits– just shorts and t-shirts! After we woke up, we took a short beach stroll in order to dip our feet into the ocean and then decided to hit the road to walk the three miles back to our hotel.

Nantucket Beach 2

Our beach time was ideal, and we left feeling nice and refreshed. On the way back, I took some time to admire all the gorgeous flowers that truly symbolize Nantucket in its summer finest!

Nantucket flower 1

Nantucket flower 2

Nantucket flower 3

Nantucket flower 5

Nantucket flower 4

Nantucket flower 6

So gorgeous!

As we approached our hotel, I made my husband take a quick pit stop. We were passing by a small, charming shop called Ambrosia, whose sign noted it was a chocolate and spice shop! Of course I was interested!

Ambrosia Choco 1 Sign

The store was set back within a larger plaza, and boy was it tiny!

Ambrosia Choco 2 Store

Ambrosia was mostly dominated by spices, but its chocolate selection was not too shabby either. I decided to simplify things by asking the sweet clerk if they had any chocolate made without dairy. She immediately pointed out that they offered a vegan orange chai chocolate of which they were offering free samples of!

I had a nibble. . . and I was sold! Two individually wrapped pieces came home with me that day!

The packaging was so adorable– all that for just two pieces of chocolate!

Ambrosia choco Bag

Ambrosia is an artisanal shop where all the chocolate is handmade, and it is definitely worth checking out if you ever are in Nantucket. Those two pieces are currently stashed in my freezer so I can enjoy them later when the mood strikes!

Abrosia Choco 4 Logo 2

Day two in Nantucket was full of awesomeness– it started with the best oatmeal I have ever had, continued with some sun and fun at the beach plus a vegan chocolate score! But the fun didn’t stop there– we were about to go experience one of the best meals of my life, stated without any hint of exaggeration! Stay tuned for my final Nantucket recap– our vacation ended on quite the high note!

When you are on vacation, what kinds of shops are you most drawn to?

For me, it’s candy and chocolate shops, as well as small local gift shops.

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