My Apologies

I am so sorry that this blog has seemed to turn into just a series of weekend vacation recaps! I have just been so busy during the week, paying little attention to anything other than school and work, that the only times I seem to do anything of interest these days is on the weekend! Plus, we have packed so much into our weekends that I can’t possibly do them justice without breaking them down into multiple posts.  Expect a lot more regular life, non-vacationing posts from now on!

So, here’s my effort to catch you up what had gone down the past few days! On Monday, we returned home from our Vermont vacation and I spent the day grocery shopping, doing laundry and just settling in for the week. I didn’t do any cooking– I have been living off of freezer stews! Tuesday was back to work, which meant a rude 4:45 A.M. wakeup call, a tiring (but good) day at work, a quick trip home and then dashing off to the first of my fall classes. I am taking three classes this semester, one which is on-line and the other two are on Tuesday nights. I go from 4 to 6:30 on one campus, and then have to make it to a different campus twenty minutes away for class two, that runs from 7 to 9:30. I know I will probably always be late to class two due to the commute, but I alerted the professor and he seemed fine with my potential tardiness! Wednesday was work, and then an immediate return home to complete the week’s worth of work for my on-line class. I was so busy dinner didn’t even cross my mind until 8 P.M.! Yesterday, I went to work and jetted home to read for my classes, do some prep for my actual job, go to a senior citizen event held by my husband, and then again came home to work on the blog!  ‘Twas another other busy night.

Today, work of course is on the agenda. Then, I will probably stay there to do a little correcting and then head home to read for my third class. My goal is to conquer the reading and assignments for one class on Wednesday, another class Thursday, and the last class Friday. That can free up weekends for work preparations (planning lessons and so on), blog work, cooking/cleaning, and hopefully a little fun too!

Notice how exercise has not made it into the equation even once this past week. I have to be honest with myself– prep for my job and the work related to my classes doesn’t leave much room for free time. I have to give myself permission to choose not exercising over my other two obligations since ultimately, exercise will be there waiting for me once this semester is over. I hope to get in a good workout both on Saturday and Sunday morning at the very least though!

What a wordy post– now here’s some pics!

I picked up Whole Foods’ “Health Starts Here” Mediterranean Crunch salad, which I figured would be a good and fast addition to my own salads I make at home. Full of veggies, chickpeas and olives in a light vinaigrette, I thought it would be nice healthy “fast food” to help me throw together my work lunches this week more quickly.

IMG_5745 Whole Foods Mediterranean Crunch Salad

I started with a nice base of greens. . .

IMG_5746 Base of Greens

and I also grabbed a container of this jalapeno hummus that I thought would add an extra flavor boost to my salad, in case the Mediterranean Crunch salad lacked spice.

IMG_5747 Jalepeno Hummus Whole Foods

Ultimately, I put some of the Mediterranean Crunch salad on top of the greens and then added chopped fresh veggies like cucumber, daikon and grated carrots. A spoon of hummus sealed the deal!

IMG_5748 Lunch Salad with Mediterranean Crunch and hummus

I combined this salad with some mixed fruit and took it to work to devour during my eighteen-minute lunch period a few times this week! I really enjoyed the Mediterranean Crunch salad by the way, so if you have been thinking about trying it from Whole Foods, I would give it a go!

IMG_5749 Bag of Fruit

OK, I’m ready to get my day started! Happy Friday friends!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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