The Absolute Best

I know, I know, “best statements” are barely trustworthy right?  Everyone claims something or someone is the”best,” and of course, such an absolute statement like that can’t possibly be true, right?

Even I fall victim (quite frequently in fact) to calling something the best, only for the next thing to come along of course to be even better.  It happens so many times, especially when it comes to things like french fries or vegan ice cream– when I think I have found the absolute best, of course another fry or creamy treat simply blows me away!  However, I think I have something in my life I can definitively call the best, and never, ever change my mind.

I have the absolute best neighbors in the whole wide world!

This is not the first time on my blog I have waxed poetic about how generous, kind, gracious and just plain awesome my neighbors, W, L and baby Ella are– ever since they moved in above us a few years ago, my husband and I have been blown away by all they do for us, and we have always known how lucky we are to have neighbors that have turned into good friends.  Last night, once again my thoughtful neighbors committed an unmatchable act of kindness towards us, and I just had to write about it!

I heard a knock on my door last night, and found this box waiting for me, complete with a note written on the box!

IMG_5778  Wildflour Box on Carpet

See, my husband ended up being victorious on Primary Day Tuesday, and our neighbors left us a box of goodies to congratulate him on our victory!

IMG_5780 Wildflour Box Congratulations

The kindness exhibited by this gesture is obviously epic. . . and then I picked up the box.

It weighed a ton!

Upon closer inspection too, I noticed this. . .

IMG_5781 Wildflour all vegan

Basically, my neighbor dropped off an enormous box of treats from my favorite bakery, Wildflour, all of which were gluten-free and vegan!  Not only did they bring us a ton of dessert, but they made sure they were all desserts I could enjoy too!

When I popped open the box, I was greeted by a bounty of my most favorite items from Wildflour.

IMG_5782 Wildflour Box Inside

There were cookies– huge cookies of the peanut butter, chocolate chip, and raisin variety!

IMG_5783 Wildflour Cookies

There were brownie squares and raw cheescake slices!

IMG_5784 Wildflour cheesecake and brownies

Oh, and a chocolate mocha cupcake. . .

IMG_5785 Wildflour choco cupcake

and a lemon vanilla one too!

IMG_5786 Wildflour vanilla lemon cupcakes

There was even an unpictured “raw-eo!”

Wildflour goodies are very fragile, so I decided to preserve the stash by freezing them so we could enjoy the treats over the course of a few days.

IMG_5787 Wildflour Freezer bags

Bottom line– my neighbors have always been the best in my mind– they are truly wonderful people.  The fact they went out of their way to congratulate my husband while thinking of me at the same time is sort of amazing– of course, they didn’t have to do that, but the truth is they are just that thoughtful and kind that they did do that!  I am once again reminded of how many wonderful people I have in my life that really look out for me and go out of their way for me!

W, L, and the cutest baby Ella– thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You guys ARE truly the best!!!!

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