Summer Vacation 2012 Recap: Rained In

For some reason I completely dropped the ball on finishing my recaps of my one extended vacation this summer to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and New York City.  Oh wait– I know why– because school started immediately after that vacation and I completely put it out of my mind to jump back into real life!  Still, I have so many great experiences to share from that trip in August that I am going to now resume my vacation 2012 recaps right where I left off!  I last left you with this post about our awesome vegan cupcake find in Rehoboth Beach, so I will pick it with dinner later that night!

A few weeks before leaving on vacation, I planned a very special dinner for our second night in Rehoboth Beach. I found a vegan-friendly Japanese restaurant called The Cultured Pearl that offers sushi and various curry dishes, and since it is a popular spot, I made sure to make reservations far in advance. All day Saturday I looked forward to a meal of edamame, miso soup and tofu curry. . . however, we never made it to the restaurant, despite the fact it was literally across the street from our hotel!

It was raining all day in Rehoboth Beach on Saturday, but the rain got worse and worse as the day progressed. At 7:30, which was the time of our reservation, it was downpouring so much that we literally could not make it across the street. The streets flooded and thunder and lightning dominated the skies. Even if we made a mad dash, we would have gotten soaked to the bones.

We ended up cancelling our reservations and eating dinner at Lupo di Mare, an Italian restaurant located right underneath our room in our hotel. While I was initially disappointed, a quick glance of their menu enabled me to make peace with the last-minute change of plans, as the restaurant had an extremely vegan and gluten-free friendly menu!

IMG_5576  Lupo di Mare Sign

Our table was a blank canvas which we soon filled up with delicious eats.

IMG_5567 Lupo di Mare table

My husband started with some doughy focaccia and olive oil.

IMG_5569 Lupo di Mare  bread

I ordered three menu items, the first being a chickpea, beet and pistachio salad. I initially imagined a leafy green salad topped with a few beets, chickpeas and pistachios. Instead, what I got was a salad loaded with yellow and red beets, chickpeas, pistachios and shaved brussel sprouts in a wonderful olive oil-based dressing. There were no greens! The salad was perfect, and I really feel like I hit the jackpot with the impressive amount of beets and chickpeas in the salad.

IMG_5571 Lupo di Mare beet and chickpea salad

I also ordered a side of garlicky white beans, sautéed in olive oil with dried red peppers. My husband agreed that this these beans were heavenly. They were soft, flavorful and really melted in my mouth. The fact that there was a vegan side dish full of protein was pretty impressive if you ask me. What a rarity!

IMG_5570 Lupo di Mare white beans

And to get some green in there, the sautéed broccoli rabe rounded out my meal. Nice and tender and loaded with garlic, this was one delicious plate of greens! I ate the whole plate!

IMG_5572 Lupo di Mare broccoli rabe

This was such a well-rounded meal! I hardly ever get enough protein in a restaurant meal, but here, I managed to enjoy two forms of beans– chickpeas and white beans! I also was able to pack in a ton of healthy veggies, some of which I love but never prepare for myself, like the broccoli rabe. Ultimately, I was impressed with how vegetarian and vegan friendly Lupo di Mare’s menu was– there were still plenty of other options from which I could pick, such as a roasted veggie salad and grilled artichokes. I really was happy with where we ended up, all thanks to the torrential rain raging outside!

No wonder why Lupo di Mare has such a great reputation in Rehoboth Beach– the food is fantastic!

Have you ever had a vacation day when you were rained in?

In Rehoboth Beach, we had (on our second night) eight hours at least of consecutive downpours and thunderstorms! It was scary but quite romantic too!

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