What I Ate Wednesday: First of Fall

Now that it is officially fall, I am ready to put the summer behind me.  Like way behind me.  Don’t get my wrong, it wasn’t an awful summer– it was just the most stressful one I think I have had in my entire life!  It went by in a flash, and I didn’t really do any of the summery things I had planned on doing before I knew I had to devote my summer to taking classes.  While my life perhaps has gotten even more busy this fall, as I am still taking classes and also am working full-time now, I am going to make a more concerted effort to appreciate the wonder that is the fall season.  I never used to be a fan of fall (due to the whole “back to school” thing), but since this fall seems just like a continuation of the summer and I didn’t have time to feel the “back to school” blues, I am looking forward to “turning over a new leaf,” pun intended.  I am still working on the whole “balance in my life” thing, and the fact I worked out at night twice last week is proof I am trying new things in order to make my life more of what I want it to be.  I am taking it a day at a time, but at the same time, I am aiming to infuse some fun into each of my days.  And yes, I can’t wait to try some pumpkin in my meals!

Anyway, happy What I Ate Wednesday!  Thanks Jen for hosting the party!

Here are random eats from the week:

Breakfast consumed at least three times this week:  Love Grown Cocoa Goodness granola with a sliced nana, tablespoon of Nuttzo nut butter, plain coconut milk kefir, and (unpictured) cinnamon!

IMG_5832 WIAW granola breakfast

No lunch pics once again.  Lunch has seriously been sort of a hassle lately.  I don’t feel like eating it in school because the whole “stuff your face in eighteen minutes or less” is really getting to me.  So I have been waiting until I get home (1:45), at which point I am starving and forget to take pictures!  Just imagine lots of salads, and lots of fruit.

Attention to snacks have also fallen by the wayside.  Because I don’t finish lunch until 2:30ish, I am hungry enough in the afternoon to really want a snack.  Don’t worry, I still have one, but it is usually while studying, and therefore I don’t stop to take photos.  Typical snacks include Trader Joe’s raw trail mix snack packs and Larabars.

Here’s the best dinner I ate all week.  I went to Rasoi Indian restaurant with my husband and awesome neighbors (and their adorable baby Ella), and we ordered up lots of yummy food!  My neighbor L is also essentially vegan and gluten-free, so it is always fun to go out to dinner with her!

IMG_5830 WIAW Rasoi

To start, pappadum and chutney.

IMG_5827 WIAW Pappdum

Also, some sweet potato cakes with chickpeas and tamarind chutney! I think the little crunchies on top were made of chickpea flour.

IMG_5828 WIAW Tikki Masala

For my entrée, I ordered saag tofu (spinach with tofu), along with brown rice and their lentils of the day.  I demolished this plate– they have the best vegan saag!

IMG_5829 WIAW Saag Tofu

Now for dessert, I dug into my freezer stash (provided by the same wonderful neighbors) of vegan, gluten-free goodies and came up with lemon vanilla cupcake.  I defrosted it and topped it with strawberry rice milk ice cream, vanilla pudding and dark chocolate chips.  It was the perfect indulgence for a Saturday night!

IMG_5831 WIAW Cupcake pudding ice cream dessert

All my other dinners this week consisted of the basics:  some kind of grain, steamed veggies and vegetarian chili I made in the Crockpot.  Plus an apple (honeycrisps are finally here!) and dark chocolate of course!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed some delicious eats this week!  Have a wonderful rest of the week friends!

What is your favorite kind of apple?

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