Just a short update post for you all this lovely Friday morning! Friday mornings are always so lovely to me!

I have to admit, I have been in a very wicked mood this past week.  Being sick in combination with being bombarded with work from the classes I am taking at night along with only four to five hours of sleep each night since Monday has left me waking up in the most horrendous of spirits.

I am just not very good at managing stress at all.  I always feel like I need to get everything done RIGHT AWAY, which I suppose is a good quality, but one that can sometimes be detrimental to my overall well-being.  For example, this past week I came home everyday after work, didn’t take a break, and immediately embarked on hours of school work without even giving myself any chance to recharge from my workday.  This leads to a very cranky Ami come evening time, and an even more cranky Ami when I wake up only five hours after I go to bed.  Why stay up so late you ask?  Well I always figure I can fit in more work, right? Plus, an unsettled mind doesn’t bode well for my sleep habits in general.

Well today, I am giving myself a much needed mental health break by going to coffee with my favorite work friends after school.  They’ll listen to me complain and let me vent, and then make me feel so much better about what I am doing with myself these days.  I cannot wait to unwind a bit and take a load off over a cup of coffee with girls who just get me.

Once again, I come to no solutions or anything.  All I can do is keep plugging away and finding some pockets of time to relax and do something fun for myself.  I wish I wasn’t so high strung about stuff like this, but to be honest, I just am.

I thought I’d leave you with a photo I took in my school parking lot this week as I was walking in the building.  It was of this beautiful sunrise that did turn my frown upside down when heading into work.  I realized, at least at that moment, it doesn’t take too much effort to stop every once in a while and notice something so beautiful that could help me put things into some perspective!

IMG_5852 Sky at School

Well friends, I hope you have a wonderful Friday and even better start to your weekend!  And thank you too for listening to me vent!

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