Sunday Snippet: Time To Reflect

On night runs that is!

As I reported last week, I have started to run in the evenings, and much to my surprise, it is going generally well! So far, I have had two semi-setbacks in this whole night running thing.

One is that post-run, I end getting terrible stomachaches. I eat lunch around 12, have a snack at 4:30, and head out around 6. I always feel OK before and during my run, but after, my stomach rages, and sometimes it lasts all night into the next day. I haven’t figured out what to do about that yet. . .

The other issue I have run into (pun intended) is that now the darkness falls so early that I end up finishing my runs in the dark. Despite the fact I wear ridiculously bright Nike Frees, I still feel quite anxious when I am running as it gets darker outside. I don’t worry so much about creeps on the street, as I run on pretty busy roads, but I fear not being seen by drivers.

So, I had to head out yesterday to try to rectify the situation. I went to City Sports Providence to see what they had by way of reflective gear. I had done zero prior research– all I knew is I didn’t want to buy anything bulky or anything too expensive.

IMG_4902 City Sports Outdoor Sign

I thought a vest might be perfect, but all the ones they had were too big (even women’s smalls were too roomy). I didn’t want to buy a jacket because I don’t like to wear jackets when I run. No shirts really caught my eye either.

I ended up feeling a bit frustrated and just settled on this reflective wrist band.

IMG_5870 Reflective Wrist Sleeve

I wanted to come home with something, so I did. I don’t know if this is enough, but at least it is a start. I’ll let you know how well it works once I give it a go, but for now, I plan on doing some online searching to see if I can come across anything better that will keep me nice, bright, and safe at night.

Do any of you out there have any recommendations for reflective gear for a runner who doesn’t like a lot of bulk?

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