My (Past) Week In Fitness: Can You Look Like A College?

I have certainly come to a point of acceptance that fitness cannot be a focus or priority at this point in my life.  That’s not to say I am not getting in workouts when I can, but I just mean it is simply unrealistic to think that I will be making any major strides towards any fitness goals of mine right now.  Until late December, my only goal is to maintain my half-marathon running fitness, and I am doing that by two longer runs completed back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday.  Certainly, it’s not the idea running schedule, but it is what it is.


So, Saturday I ran 12 miles, plus walked a few cool-down miles on the treadmill.  I also went for a 5.5 mile walk with my husband later in the afternoon.

Sunday was the day for a 9-miler, again followed by a few cool-down walking miles.

Both runs felt great– it’s so nice to realize I can maintain my running fitness just on two days of running alone.

Now to me question in the title of this post. . . I had a strange coincidence happen to me over the weekend. . . two things happened that really are quite weird if you think about it.

On Friday, I was in line to checkout at Whole Foods when I realized I forgot something and went to go get it.  When I returned, the man who was ahead of me offered to let me resume my place in line, but I told him to go ahead and thanked him for being so thoughtful.  He proceeded to strike up a conversation with me, with the first thing he said being “You must go to Brown.”  He meant Brown University, which in his defense is in the neighborhood, and I replied that I did go to Brown, just a long time ago.  He then he said he knew it because I looked intellectual.

Then, yesterday, I went to my local Stop N’ Shop to stock up on some essentials in preparation for the hurricane, and waited for at least twenty minutes in what were ridiculous lines.  Just as it was my turn (and I already had all of my items on the conveyor belt), an elderly gentlemen (with an awesome gold front tooth) asked if he could cut me in line, since he only had two items (both of which were pumpkin pies!).  I told him no problem, and let him ahead.  He then asked me if I went to Brown.  Like, seriously. . . he asked me the same question the other man did two days prior.  Again, I told him I went there, and he said he could tell.  The funny thing is this grocery store is not in the Brown University area, so it was especially strange he guessed that.

I wasn’t wearing any Brown gear or doing anything else that would lead anyone to assume I went to Brown.  In fact, on Friday I was in my work clothes, and Sunday I was in my gym clothes.

So, back to me question:  can you look like a college?  Because apparently I do!

I mean, does Emma Watson look like she goes to Brown (here’s a pic of her like literally a street away from my house!)?  Rumor has it she is returning back to campus!

Bottom line– I can’t figure it out.  What are your thoughts on this matter?

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