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Yesterday after school, I decided to blow some cash at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Girlfriend was in the need of some serious mental relaxation/decompression after work, so I figured a trip to two of my favorite places would do the trick. I ended up buying a lot more than I intended, but so it goes in the life of a foodie, right? I actually managed to snap a picture of everything I bought, so today, I present to you the latest installment of “what Ami buys at the grocery store when she feels like mindlessly food shopping”!! You’ll notice some tried and true favorites, plus a few new addtions! Enjoy!

I brought home three bags worth of goodies. . .

IMG_6280 Grocery Bags

The first item I’m gonna show you is a new-to-me splurge. I have been getting sick of coconut milk ice creams lately, so I decided to give this Trader Joe’s soy vanilla ice cream a chance. Anyone ever try it? I hope it’s nice and creamy!

IMG_6281 TJs soy vanilla ice cream

I am definitely in the mood to roast some veggies, so I picked up this bag of TJ’s parsnips. I love how they are ever so gently expanding their veggie offerings!

IMG_6282 TJs parsnips

I’m going to roast the heck out of these butternut squash cubes too!

IMG_6284 TJs cubed butternut squash

I spotted these unusual white haricots jaunes at TJ’s, and since green beans and I have a nightly date, I decided to give these white beauties a chance to impress me.

IMG_6283 TJs white haricot verts

I also picked up some staples, like broccoli, avocado, peeled garlic (love!), and grated carrots.

IMG_6285 TJs brocolli, garlic, shredded carrots and avocado

I am so afraid of the day when sweet and sour honeycrisps won’t be available anymore, so I stocked up! I also bought some granny smiths, you know, for balance.

IMG_6286 TJs honeycrisps and granny smiths

Other fruits I took home included oranges, sliced mango, and organic red grapes.

IMG_6288 mango, grapes, oranges

At Whole Foods, I made sure to stock up on my favorite quinoa salad containers, which make for such a quick and tasty lunch.

IMG_6290 quinoa salad

I replenished my tempeh, quinoa and millet stashes.

IMG_6292 tempeh, quinoa and millet

I’m so happy to see TJ’s minestrone soup back on the shelves! It’s chock full of veggies and incorporates brown rice instead of pasta. It also tastes amazing!

IMG_6293 TJs hearty minestrone

Pantry staples for the win! I got some coconut aminos, salted creamy peanut butter, and Bragg’s! I guess I have a thing for aminos, huh?

IMG_6294 coconut aminos, tjs almond butter, braggs

I already have two containers of this in the fridge, but I go through this stuff like water. Introducing my favorite pico de gallo, from Big Papi’s Kitchen. At the checkout, a man warned me that this was spicy. I acknowledged his warning, but giggled inside because I eat this stuff almost daily and still don’t think it is spicy enough!

IMG_6296 big papi's twice the spice pico de gallo

I never eat vegan yogurts for some reason, with the exception of plain coconut milk kefir. Something possessed me to try So Delicious’ brands of both Greek style coconut and almond milk yogurt. I’ll let you know which one is better when I do the taste test!

IMG_6295 so delicious almond and soy plain yogurt

And lastly, I can’t leave Trader Joe’s without a pack of my favorite afternoon snack!

IMG_6297 tjs raw trek mix

All in all, I spent way too much but I honestly could care less! I love grocery shopping!!!  Empty grocery bags = a warm heart. . . and a full fridge!

IMG_6298 empty shopping bags

What’s your last favorite purchase at the grocery store?

I think in this trip, it’s probably the white green beans, as I have never tried them before. Or maybe it’s the soy vanilla ice cream. . . I’d say it’s basically a tie!

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