A Walk Through My Sunday Meal Prep

I usually spend a few hours on Sunday to cook up a bunch of things to eat for dinner throughout the week. I am not the type who cooks a fresh dinner every night. I much prefer to cook large batches of my favorites on Sunday and then eat fast, easy and convenient leftovers for the rest of the week. I have no problem eating the same thing every day for a week at a time. . . I always look forward to what I have prepared and I especially love the ease of having homemade, healthy food on hand during the work week when I’m spent by the time dinnertime rolls around!

I thought it would be fun to take you through the meal prep process I went through this past Sunday. I first took stock of what I already had in the fridge (I had a few meals worth of tofu scramble left) and made a few other things to round out my selection of meals for the week. I decided to make some roasted veggies, a grain, and a fresh batch of my favorite ever Asian-style greens.

I love eating my tofu scramble with roasted veggies, so when at the grocery store, I made sure to pick up some of my favorite veggies to roast– butternut squash and turnips. Thank goodness for pre-cut root veggies– they make the whole roasting process infinitely speedier! Chopping turnips by hand is no fun.

IMG_6515 Butternut squash and turnip packages

I roasted them on separate sheets because I knew the turnips would take way longer than the squash. Both the turnips and squash got the olive oil-salt-pepper treatment before being popped into a 350 degree oven for about an hour.

IMG_6516 Butternut Squash on sheet

IMG_6517 Turnips on pan

While the veggies were doing their thing, I got the rice going next. I grabbed this bag of TJ’s brown jasmine rice. . .

IMG_6519 TJ's Brown Basmati Rice

as well as TJ’s wild rice.

IMG_6521 TJ's Wild Rice

I tossed a combo of both rices into my rice cooker and added water. I don’t ever measure my rice or water– I just add what looks right and let the rice cooker take care of the rest.

IMG_6522 Rice in Steamer

By this point, the veggies were roasting and the rice was cooking, so I turned my attention to my Asian greens recipe. My greens of choice were frozen kale and collards (I usually use fresh but my grocery store was out of the pre-washed, pre-packaged kale I so love).

IMG_6528 Frozen Kale and Collards

I also added a bag of red cabbage and white cabbage into the mix as well (that’s not an actual coleslaw kit complete with dressing– it’s just the combo of white cabbage and shredded carrots used to make coleslaw).

IMG_6529 Red Cabbage and Coleslaw Cabbage packages

Soon enough, the rice was perfectly done!

IMG_6530 Cooked Rice

My Asian greens came out amazing as usual. . . for the full recipe click here!

IMG_6531 Asian Greens

The veggies were still working away in the oven. . .

IMG_6535 Roasting Veggies in Oven

In the meantime, my rice and greens were packaged up and ready to go into the fridge!

IMG_6536 Rice and Greens in containers

And soon enough, the veggies were good to go as well! I love my roasted veggies on the “well-done” side and these came out perfectly. Crispy and caramelized on the outside and so soft on the inside!


And that my friends, was enough food for me to enjoy all week for dinner. Of course, I supplement with other veggies I steam throughout the week as well. All that cooking took about an hour and a half, which is time well spent when you end up with enough delicious food to last a week!

Do you do the majority of your cooking on one day, or do you cook fresh meals each and every day?

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