Forget The Bread and Milk!

Good morning– no great morning! As many of you are aware, a huge blizzard is scheduled to hit New England today, and as a result I HAVE NO SCHOOL! The absolute best part about that is that they cancelled school nice and early (about 3:30 yesterday afternoon), so I had all of yesterday post-work to do exactly as I pleased with not a single worry of having to get up early to go to work the next day. So, when a food blogger has a free afternoon to kill (it was a rest day from exercise since I worked out five days in a row prior), what do they do? Go to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods of course!

Now, it’s totally a Rhode Island thing to run out to a grocery store to get “bread and milk” at the threat of any sort of snow. I have no idea why those foods have become the staple foods to have in the house during a blizzard, but whatever. So, of course, both TJ’s and Whole Foods were mobbed when I went. The funny part is that I actually had no true need to “stock up” on food for the next few days, as I had plenty of food in the house. I went with the intention to totally take my time and browse the aisles for any new foodie (or beauty) finds!

I hit up Trader Joe’s first. . .


and came away with quite a few totally unnecessary goodies.  Whole Foods was next, and there too I purchased quite a few new and fun snacks!


I thought it would be fun to provide you all with exact reasons why I purchased what I did, keeping in mind none of the below loot were staple items I had to restock or things I had planned to buy.  Can you say impulse purchases?

So first, at TJ’s, I bought this new-to-me orange blossom and honey hand soap.  I spotted this soap and scanned the ingredients, and since it was full of botanicals, I thought it would be a nice change from my usual Dial hand soap.  Also, I have been trying to treat my hands a little nicer, so I figured this would be less drying than my usual drugstore hand soaps.


Then, I picked up these two bars of Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap.  I have heard wonders about this brand and have always wanted to try it.  I have been avoiding bar soap lately (just using moisturizing body wash from The Body Shop), but admittedly, for a quick shower, it’s nice to have a bar soap option for lathering up.  I adore the ingredients of this soap and also have high hopes it is not too drying.  Plus the potent peppermint smell seems like an amazing tool for waking up in the morning!


I bought this Dessert Essence shampoo at Whole Foods.  I have also been trying to use more natural shampoos lately, and I did just finish the shampoo I have been using as of late.  While I do have plenty of shampoo in my house, they are of the more unnatural variety.  So, after spending a good fifteen minutes perusing the shampoo aisle,  I thought I would give this one a shot for my long, dry hair!


I actually have used coconut oil in the past, but my rate of use was so slow that I ended up throwing out the last jar I had due to the expiration date.  As a result, there hasn’t been much coconut oil in my life, which is quite unfortunate.  I saw this on one of TJ’s endcaps, and it sort of reminded me to incorporate some more coconut oil in my life.  So, I bought it of course.


I typically don’t use salad dressings and prefer my salads with some salsa and avocado for flavor.  But, I have been thinking lately that maybe, just maybe, I should mix up my salad repertoire a bit by incorporating new ingredients.  When I glanced upon the case of cold salad dressings, I checked them out.  I saw this one, which I have tried before and loved, and felt like it would be a great start in my mission to diversify my salads!


As I was scanning the Asian foods section for anything interesting, my eyes fell upon these kelp noodles, which are quite famous in blog land.  They seem like something that may be hard to come by, so I snatched them up immediately and look forward to trying them out!


Once I had my kelp noodles in hand, I thought about what may go well in terms of a sauce with those noodles.  From what I hear, their flavor is fairly neutral.  Pesto came to mind, so I scoped out the pesto aisle.  I stumbled upon this vegan pesto paste with all of the ingredients of a traditional pesto without the cheese.  I have no idea how to work with this yet, but we shall see.  Maybe dilute it with a little olive oil?


Now you all know how much  I love granola.  Without fail, I will buy a new granola that catches my eye even if I have 10 bags at home.  This one is by no means new– I have seen it on the shelves for years, but it is new to me!  I haven’t had a good raw granola in a while, so it was high time to bring it back into my life!


The below granola I have never seen before, so that’s why I purchased it.  It’s a combo of oats, nuts, vanilla and almond extracts and a few other ingredients.  The granola had great ingredients and stats and I wanted to buy it in case I never saw it again on the shelves of Whole Foods!


I never use mustard, but I have seen it used in so many recipes on blogs lately!  When my eyes laid upon the endless mustards at Whole Foods, I was lured into buying one so I could potentially use it in recipes that feature it.


Coconut flakes used to be a breakfast staple of mine, but after I finished off my last bag, I forgot to buy them again.  This time around, I saw them, remembered I liked them, and bought them!


So those are the reasons why I ended up spending way too much money yesterday in celebration of my snow day (and three-day weekend!).  I don’t recommend you do what I did, unless you feel like it, in which case shop away!

Are you good at controlling impulse buys?  Clearly, I am not!

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