One Lucky Girl

Last week, I bought a Valentine’s Day present for myself. Well, it wasn’t just one present I got for myself– I gifted myself a whole package of vegan and raw goodies!

When I was in New York about a year ago, I dragged my husband to Pure Food and Wine, an all raw, vegan, and epic restaurant in the city. I pretty much was in heaven– the whole dining experience was amazing and even my carnivorous husband enjoyed his vegan sushi meal there!

While I couldn’t bring home any of my leftovers from Pure Food of course, I made sure to visit its sister business, One Lucky Duck in Chelsea Market, so I could stock up on some of raw treats I could stash in my suitcase to bring home.

Unfortunately, that stash is long gone, so I decided to check out their website and order up a few treats for myself. Admittedly, I got carried away since there were so many new items featured on their website!

My shipment arrived in just two days after placing my order.


Just the level of care they put towards the packaging is impressive.  Here’s what greeted me when I finally got the box open.  Such a nice sentiment, no?


And, there were a few cute samples on top as well– oh and a sticker too!


So here’s my loot. . . first up, a fig bar and two chocolate cherry brownies.


These items were especially intriguing. . . pumpkin seed parmesan, macadamia cheddar crunch, and oatmeal cranberry cookies!  I can’t wait to top salads with these “cheezy” crumbles.


I haven’t had raw nut butters in a long while, so I ordered a trio!


And finally, some crackers and granola– all raw and vegan of course just like everything else!  These are by far the best raw crackers I have ever tasted!


I am not going to lie– these foods aren’t cheap.  However, after a rough fall and winter that’s all about treating myself, I have no problem justifying the expense!

How do you treat yourself?  What sorts of things do you tend to splurge on?

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