Fitness and Commitment

Ever since my back/leg/hip issues took center stage, my committment to exercise has certainly waned.  I think this happens a lot to those who are injured for some reason or another– the motivation to stay physically active is tough to maintain if you can’t do the same types of exercise you used to do.  For the past few weeks, I have, at best, gotten in two or three workouts and called it a day.  This lack of daily or near daily exercise has certainly impacted my mental health too, as I feel lazy, which results in higher stress levels.  All in all, it’s definitely time to make a change in my exercise routine.

Of course, I don’t mean running quite yet– I’m not there yet.  But, I do need to do something everyday, whether it’s lifting weights or doing the bike or elliptical.  So, I am renewing my committment to daily activity.  I think making this a public declaration on the blog will go a long way in getting me to actually do it.  Starting today, I am ready to get moving again!

I’ve gotta keep this in mind!

Not only that, but I am also ready to clean up my diet.  Those Crumbs cupcakes, while delicious, don’t have to be a weekly indulgence, that’s for sure.  I’ve gotten away from packing my lunches and dinners with veggies like I used to, so that’s where I am going to start.  I can’t say yet that I am necessarily giving up anything, like gluten or dairy, but I am definitely reducing the dairy in my diet right now just because I don’t think it’s doing anything beneficial for me.  I actually did some food sensitivity testing last week, and my results will come in this week.  When I get those results, my dietitian and I will plan out a semi-elimination diet that I will adhere to see how I feel in terms of inflammation if I do get rid of suspect foods in my diet.  I will definitely fill you in on that more when the time comes (hopefully this or next week!).

All in all, I guess I am saying I am sick of feeling like crap, and am finally ready to get out of this rut I have been in over the last few months.  In fact, I am going to consult a cookbook or two right now to get some new lunchtime salad ideas for the week!

Have you ever been injured?  Did you find it challenging to maintain healthful habits while injured?

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