May Birchbox

A quick snapshot of what Birchbox had to offer me this month!


A nice mix of products were included. . .


First look under the tissue paper!


This tiny sample of Cotz Balancing Mineral Complex looks interesting and is something I will definitely use.


I was very excited to see a hair mask in the box, given the fact I have so much of it and my hair tends to be dry with loads of split ends.


Toothpaste?  I know many would say this as sort of a waste of a sample, but again, since toothpaste is something I use everyday, it’s nice to know I got a “lifestyle” sample I will actually use.


Black eyeliner is such a staple for me, so this will come in handy as soon as my current liner is done.


I love how there’s always a small box full of surprise samples.


More hair product!  Again, oil treatments are great for my dry hair.


Lastly, I got this Isaac Mizrahi perfume sample, which will go into my perfume rotation.


This month’s box included all products I will definitely use, which is the point, right?  Birchbox did a great job matching the products to my preferences this month.

Do you use hair treatments?  If so, what kinds?

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