May Sample Society

I am still in love with the fact that I get three beauty sample subscriptions (mind you, my wallet doesn’t love it so much, but whatevs). I am still, after all these months, really pleasantly surprised by the products that turn up each month, and there have been no repeats yet across the three subscriptions!

May’s Beauty Bar Sample Society box was right on time, sitting on my stoop in the first week of May.


Couldn’t wait to see what was inside!


Love the tissue– it makes it feel like it was my birthday or something!


The brochure. . .


By the way, I never really told you what’s inside these brochures that accompany the samples each month.  They basically highlight a few beauty trends and tips.  I glance through them, but usually chuck them right away.

What is useful though is the card that tells me all about my loot!



There were a ton of skin care products in my box this month, like this small sample of Yu-Be moisturizing cream.  Looks like it’s an Asian company?


These Kate Somerville tanning wipes are cool– I am pretty tan as it is, so I think I’ll pass these on to a friend!


I love this tiny sample of lip/cheek stain!  Perfect for on the go color!


Dr. Brandt BB cream?  This is awesome!  What a great sample considering BB creams are all the range and this suits all skin types.


I love this hair strengthening mist– I spritz a product like this on my hair everyday.


This box did  not disappoint.  Other than the tanning wipes, I will definitely use everything I received!

Do you tan or use any sort of self-tanner?  As I said before, I am pretty tan naturally, so I don’t go out of my way to get any darker, but admittedly, I do love my skin takes on an even more golden tone in the summer.

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