What I Ate Wednesday: Old and New Loves

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This is my first full, official week of summer vacation and I have been soaking it up! A big goal of mine is to get back into a regular exercise routine, despite the fact I am still not really able to run. So far, so good, and I am feeling much better with the addition of regular, morning exercise into my life.

Another great addition into my life is sleeping in– well, at least until 6! During the school year, I wake a little before 5, but the extra hour of sleep I give myself has been doing wonders for my energy.

Finally, being on summer vacation means more time to experiment with my eats! I am making a conscious effort to diversify my meals while returning to a mostly vegan and gluten-free diet. Yesterday, I enjoyed some of my favorite standby meals in addition to some new (to me anyway) experiments. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Thanks Jenn as always for hosting this What I Ate Wednesday party!

Breakfast was elimination diet friendly, since I am still trying to avoid foods that I react to. By the way, I am seeing my dietitian Friday, so I can update you on what my next steps will be in terms of the diet. I caught up on some Real Housewives while eating oatmeal with sea salt and cinnamon, banana and cashew butter.  Ugly but tasty.


Lunch was something new!  I finally jumped on the avocado toast bandwagon.  I had a toasted slice of Ezekiel bread smeared with a quarter of an avocado mashed with some vegan parm, salt and pepper.  I also topped the toast with cucumber and tomato slices.  On the side, I had a spoon of veggie hummus with daikon and arugula lightly dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.


Fresh summer fruit for lunch dessert!


Unfortunately, I skipped my afternoon snack because I was out and about, so when dinner came around, I was starving.  I made some of my favorite crockpot Thai veggie curry, which I had over millet, with steamed green beans, broccoli and baby carrots on the side.  This is a classic “Ami” meal that I hadn’t had in a long time!


Apple. . .


and chocolate for dessert!


Looking back, this is a fantastic day of eats for me, mostly because of how many veggies I consumed!  I’m stating the obvious when I say it is so much easier to eat tons of veggies in the summer!

What is your favorite summer veggie?

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