Sunday Stuff

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I’m sorry to all of you who may have had trouble accessing the blog over the last few days.  I am switching servers– hopefully things will be worked out soon, so thanks for being patient!

I’m going to keep things short and sweet today and just share a few things that are on my mind today.

1)  I am reveling in this weather!  I love, love, love when temps soar into the 80′s and 90′s– I have a pretty good tolerance for heat, and the warmer it is, the more I feel like I am on vacation!  The warm temps are really making me happy, and I am in such a better mood when I don’t have to worry about being cold.  Now, what does drive me crazy though is when places like restaurants over air condition– it kind of defeats the point of summer to me, ya know?

2)  I have started working out daily since last Sunday, and I feel amazing.  Still can’t run, but I have been getting very familiar with all of my gym’s other cardio machines, and weightlifting too has come back into my life!  I can already see the difference in my body after just a week of consistent exercise– not so much in terms of weight loss, but really just in terms of looking firmer and fitter.  More importantly though, I feel so accomplished when I get my workout done with nice and early, and it sets a tone of “getting things done” for the rest of the day.  By the way, I can do a fitness recap post tomorrow because I actually have workouts to recap!

3)  Physical therapy is going well and while my joint pain in my lower back and hips isn’t gone, it is starting to centralize in one spot, which is a sign of recovery.  It used to be my pain radiated all over my back and legs, but now it’s concentrated on one joint, where my hips and back connect.  On more days than not, the pain isn’t bad at all too, which is a great thing!  I tried to test out running this weekend, but the pounding was not doing anything to help the intermittent pain.  I am coming to terms that I may not be able to run this summer at all, but we shall see.

4)  On the food front, I have been truing to stay vegan and low-gluten, with the exception of once-a-week dining out, where I will enjoy cheese or gluten in moderation.  Some of my recent food obsessions include avocado toast, hummus and carrots or daikon, and yes, I am officially on the hot sauce train again!  I don’t know why I ever fell off of it.

5)  Sorry for the lack of pics in this post– part of my bloggy trouble has been uploading pics, so I don’t want to even attempt it right now!

Have a wonderful Sunday friends– what do you love most about the summer?

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