My (Past) Week In Fitness: Momentum

Happy Monday friends!  I had a great four-day weekend– we had something on the agenda every night!  On Thursday night, my husband and I went out for Indian with friends, on Friday, we had a Thai food date, Saturday included a dinner with friends at a new pizza restaurant in town, and last night’s feature was a beautiful home cooked meal at a friend’s amazing house by the water.  One thing I can say about the last four days was that they were pretty indulgent food-wise; while I loved every moment of the weekend, I ate out a lot more than I am used to.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but for me, my digestion starts to get finicky once I start to consistently eat foods I am not used to.  On the plus side, I managed to work out every single day, which kept the exercise momentum going from last week.

Here’s how last week’s fitness broke down:

Monday,  July 1st:  85 minutes on the elliptical with handles (7.15 miles); weightlifting for arms and shoulders (7 exercises, 3 sets each)

Tuesday, July 2nd:  65 minutes adaptive motion trainer (5.15 miles); 3.1 miles on the treadmill (2 run, rest walked); 3.1 m outdoor walk

Wednesday, July 3rd:  75 minutes crosstrainer (7.15 miles); weightlifting for chest and back (6 exercises, 3 sets each); 3.1 mile outdoor walk

Thursday, July 4th:  75 minutes elliptical with handles (7.15 miles)

Friday, July 5th:  6.15 miles on the crosstrainer, weightlifting for legs (6 exercises, 3 sets each)

Saturday, July 6th:  80 minutes on the elliptical with no handles

Sunday, July 7th:  75 minutes on stationary bike (12.5 miles)

As you can see, I managed to lift three times, which was my goal for the week, and I did a nice mix of cardio over the course of the week as well.  I attempted to run once– I maxed out at two miles which was not easy in terms of how quickly my joints began to ache.  As of today, I don’t see running in my future this week, as I am experiencing more joint pain as usual, but maybe things will improve over the next few days.

I did the bike on Sunday because my joints were definitely in rebellion!  I did manage to work up a great sweat though by increasing the resistance for each mile I rode, so I think I will be incorporating the bike more into my routine as yet another easy-on-the-joints crosstraining activity.

All in all, I am happy with the fact I got out there everyday, but I can’t lie– I miss running!  I am going to keep thinking positively about my future potential to run– keep your fingers crossed for me!

What was your favorite workout of the week?

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