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Good morning friends!  Long time, no blog, right?  I am so sorry for my sudden disappearance over the last few days.  Basically, I have been really busy setting up the new house, and just haven’t quite gotten into a routine quite in general.  Today is the first day where I feel moderately settled, and I am making it a point, starting today, to get back into a daily routine, particularly in the mornings!

So yesterday I finally set up my kitchen!  I didn’t want to put anything in the kitchen until it was seriously deep cleaned, and that happened on Tuesday.  I took a lot of time yesterday making sure every kitchen item had its proper place.  I put away all of the nonperishable foods we took over to this new house as well.  Now, the next step is to do a little grocery shopping so I can actually eat meals I make myself at home!  I have been living off of takeout and prepared foods for the past week; I think it is time to get the kitchen up and running!  One thing I do want to do from now on though is buy less food at a time.  I have a bad habit of buying more food that we can actually eat at a time, so my new plan is to just buy a few days worth.  I think it will cut down on waste and refrigerator clutter!

I havn’t been exercising lately– the act of unpacking a whole house on three floors is a lot of activity in and of itself, so I haven’t been too worried about my lack of gym time.  The goal is to get back into it this weekend, once the whole entire house will be more or less set up.  Also, planning gym time hasn’t been easy because we have a lot of appointments with people like painters (for our old house) and electricians (for this new place) and I have had to be at one house or the other for a lot of the day.  Even today will be spent with the Geek Squad as they set up our tvs!

I have barely taken any photos lately, but I do have three of recent meals!  Yesterday, (again, since we had no fresh food in the house) I treated myself to Starbucks coffee and a butter croissant.  It was delicious– light and flaky!



Last night for dinner, I was craving certain foods in a major way, so I went to the Whole Foods hot bar to get exactly what I wanted.  Enter a dinner of penne with marinara, broccoli, mashed potatoes, corn and peas.  Random, right?  But it did hit the spot!


And for breakfast this morning, I actually did put together something fresh for the first time in a week!  At Whole Foods yesterday, I grabbed a few bananas and cottage cheese, and this morning I made a bowl with a banana, cottage cheese, and Paleonola granola.  I had forgotten how much I love cottage cheese!  I think I was craving it because my meals have been super carb heavy lately.


And that’s life lately I guess. I promise to be back on my usual daily posting schedule from now on!

What foods have you been craving lately?

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