Highlights of the Week

This past week was definitely a pivotal one.

One thing I haven’t really blogged about this summer was my job.  Basically, all summer long I wasn’t sure what subject I would be teaching for the next school year.  I am certified to teach English and History– for the past ten years I have taught History and loved it.  There was a strong possibility though, that I would be teaching English this coming school year, which would mean prepping for a subject I have never taught before.  While I was grateful to even have a job period (and willing to teach anything!), my heart is in History since it is what I studied in college and have always taught thus far.  Anyway, after a long summer of not knowing, I received the wonderful news that I would be returning to my old History position!  I start school in little over a week, so finding this out so late was nerve-wracking, but I am so grateful I am teaching what I am familiar with.  It would have been really hard to plan to teach English in just one week!

Anyway, the rest of this past week was pretty relaxing (when leaving out the nervousness regarding my job!).  I spent a lot of time with my mom, I watched a lot of tv, napped a bunch, and overall just enjoyed one of my last weeks of summer vacation.  Yesterday actually turned out to be the best day of the week because my husband worked from home, and when he was done, we took a ride to Wallum Lake, which is a lake located on the border of Mass and Rhode Island, way up in northern RI.  We just really went for the drive, which was very pretty, and managed to scope out a part of the state we had never seen before! I love this sign, marking the border of Rhode Island on a dirt road!


As far as food, I’ve still kind of been all over the place but in a good way– eating what I want when I want it.  Here’s some of the meals I have enjoyed this week:

A morning bun from Starbucks for a quick breakfast one day– totally not a health food, but absolutely delicious!


For lunch one day, a plain microwaved potato with salt, pepper and cottage cheese, with some baby carrots on the side.


And, saving the best for last, a meal cooked for me by my mom! My mom is a saint, who noticing that I have no desire to cook these days, has offered to cook for me! In fact, she asks me what I want to eat, and then makes it, packs it up and lets me take it home. As a result, my dinners have been spectacular, consisting of all my favorite Indian foods from childhood. One of the meals I enjoyed this week consisted of Indian rice pilaf with a savory yogurt curry and spicy mung beans. . .


in addition to roti (Indian flatbread) with curried cabbage, green beans, eggplant and potatoes.


Once school starts, I have to get my act together food-wise. . . since I will actually have to plan breakfasts and lunches, I can’t exactly fly by the seat of my pants! I guess I have a week to figure it out! And, I have to figure out how in the world I am going to get up two to three hours earlier than I am now!

What were the highlights of your past week?

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