Five Friday Favorite (Brands!)

I have been mixing up my eats a lot lately (I think I have mentioned this once or twice, no?), so not only have I been experimenting with new foods, but I have been trying out new brands also.  Here’s some of my favorite brands of foods I have been enjoying lately!

Favorite butter:  Organic Valley organic whipped butter


For the last few years, I have been eating Earth Balance as a vegan butter alternative at home, but now that I am not vegan by any means, I decided to explore organic “real” butter options.  This whipped butter is fantastic on many accounts– it’s organic of course, it is whipped, so less butter goes a longer way, the taste is wonderful, and it’s just made of two ingredients, those being organic sweet cream and salt.  I have been loving it on my English muffins, which leads me to my next brand favorite. . .

Favorite English muffin:  I used to only buy Ezekiel brand English muffins, and I do still love them, but I recently purchased Whole Foods brand whole wheat English muffins and promptly fell in love.  Obviously, Ezekiel muffins have more nutrition and better ingredients, but they miss (in my opinion) that slightly sour taste that is the hallmark of an English muffin.  When I tried the Whole Foods brand whole wheat English muffins, I tasted that quintessential English muffin taste I remember from childhood (when I used to eat Thomas’ plain English muffins).  They toast up nice and crispy and are perfect with just a touch of butter.

Favorite whole wheat bread:  Whole Foods brand whole wheat bread

Again, when I used to buy bread, I only used to buy the Ezekiel kind that was stored in the freezer.  Since it was frozen, it had to be toasted to be eaten.  I missed eating the kind of squishy, fresh bread I used to eat as a kid (usually Pepperidge Farm brand), so I started to look for a nice, soft healthful bread that did not have to be toasted to be enjoyed.  I tried Whole Foods brand whole wheat bread and loved it!  It is soft, hearty, and perfect to eat as is, perhaps slathered with peanut butter.  It is has a great amount of fiber and protein per slice.  I have been eating it daily in the form of toasted cheese sandwiches!

Favorite Greek yogurt:  Fage 0% plain

As far as plain yogurts go, I have always eaten Chobani or Oikos, but recently, I decided to branch out and try Fage.  I find in the thickness and creaminess department, it reigns supreme!  I have been eating it as part of my breakfast, dolloped on top of a sliced banana.

Favorite string cheese:  Horizon organic mozzarella string cheese


Quite simply, these are perfectly salty, creamy and delicious.  It’s not too stringy or dry, which I find a lot in other brands, and it is my go to protein snack these days.

So what’s your favorite brand of butter/English muffin/bread/Greek yogurt/sting cheese?

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