Baby B: Week 18 Recap

Good morning! I am writing this recap on my IPad on the way home from Toronto, so excuse me if it is a little off in format! I love my IPad but hate to type on it!

I am finally up to date in my weekly pregnancy recaps! Last week concluded my 18th week of baking Baby B and it was definitely yet another monumental week! So many things changed (for the better), plus I finished the week with finally having my anatomy scan ultrasound. Not only did we find out the gender (you still have to wait a week for that!), but more importantly, our baby looks healthy and right on track development wise. For those of you who are unfamiliar, an anatomy scan basically looks at and measures every part of the baby, including its heart and brain! Baby B was actually measuring a few days ahead!!


We managed to get quite a few portraits of our babe! He or she was quite cooperative, so I did not have to do anything crazy for the baby to reveal all of its parts!

Without further ado, here’s week 18 in a nutshell!


Baby’s size: Baby B is apparently about the length of a bell pepper and 5.5 ounces according to Babycenter, but at the end of the week during my anatomy scan, I found out the baby was 11 ounces!

Weight gained: I only hopped on the scale once this week, and I was up 2.8 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. Of course, that made me nervous, but the anatomy scan later confirmed the baby was just fine and even measuring ahead! I definitely look different though– I think I clearly look pregnant now!


Exercise: I actually went on two three mile walks this week! The good news is that while my SI joint pain is still there it has lessened. I still walk funny, but the actual level of pain is much less. I finally had my appointment with a pain management specialist, who told me cortisone shots weren’t really an option for me. Apparently the cortisone itself is fine, but the fact they inject it under X ray is not. They basically would not take the risk of putting me under X ray. So, I have to manage the pain on my own. I will continue physical therapy, and perhaps pursue acupuncture. Oh and take Tylenol when needed, which I haven’t taken in a week!


– Hip/butt pain still exists, but hopefully it is taking a turn for the better.

– Sleep was actually better this week. I think it’s because my joints weren’t as bad. I basically alternate sleeping on each side with occasionally lying on my back, though I try to avoid it.

– Well you already know about the fullness I feel in both my stomach and bladder!!

Emotional breakdowns: None!

Food aversions: Can it be true? I don’t think anything is really turning me off right now!

Food cravings: I finally craved some of my favorite home cooked meals, which means yes, I finally cooked in my new house! I made a quinoa dish with onions and peppers, and I roasted up some cauliflower, butternut squash, and Brussels sprouts! I ate this all week with some baked tofu also. I was so happy to be eating such nutritious food!


Maternity Clothes: None yet! Is it weird that I can wear most of my pants, because I realized most of my pants sit below my belly! Some of my shirts are just too short now, but many are OK. I know I keep saying it, but maternity shopping is imminent. Student still didn’t know I was pregnant this week!

Gender: We know– announcement to come in about a week!

Looking Forward To: Showing off my new bumpage once I reveal my secret to students. Also, shopping my heart out now that I know what Baby B is! The same day we found out, we called the painter so we can get a start on the nursery!

Baby Items Purchased: None, but that of course that will soon change! Oh, I also signed us up for childbirth, infant care, and breast feeding classes!

Gifts received: My amazing mother in law came over with more gifts this week! She gave us our first set of bibs and onesies, and our second baby book! She also brought me some delicious treats, including a whole loaf of this best ever pumpkin roll!!!!



Best moment of the week: Of course, seeing the baby was healthy and finding out the gender! And yes, the gender is what I pictured all along!

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