Baby B: 19 Week Recap

Happy weekend!  I am officially 20 weeks now, which means I am halfway through my pregnancy!  I am so eager to meet my little one, but I really want to enjoy the next five months to the fullest.

This week has been sort of hectic for me– but in a good way!  On Monday, we drove home from our weekend trip and I attended my weekly pregnancy group later that evening.  The topic was baby gear, and our group leader brought all sorts of stuff to check out, like a Moby wrap and various types of swaddlers.

Tuesday night was pretty low-key, but on Wednesday I had my doctor’s appointment to follow up on my anatomy scan ultrasound.  I am happy to report everything looks great with Baby B!  Later that night, I attended our school’s field night.  Thursday after school was great though– I finally went shopping both for myself and the baby!  And on Friday, I hung out with a good friend and new mom who discussed all things baby with me over pizza.  Today, hubby and I may test drive a car!  Let’s just say my car isn’t baby friendly (it’s a 2 seater) so a new car is a must before baby arrives!

How about a week 19 recap?

Baby’s size: According to my Babycenter app, this past week the baby was 6 inches long and the size of a large heirloom tomato.


Weight gained: The one day I stepped on the scale, I was up a little under three pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  At my doctor’s appointment, I was only up two pounds!  She said not to worry and that the weight would come, so I am not,  Don’t worry– I have been small portions but the foods I have been choosing are high calorie!


Exercise: When in Canada, we walked around three miles around Niagara Falls.  That’s about it!


– Hip/butt pain still exists, but knock on wood it is feeling so much better!

– One night I was hit with megathirst.  I do drink plenty of water throughout the day, but I was so thirsty that I ended up drinking two vitamin waters in a matter of 30 minutes!

–Restless sleep– I pretty much turn from one side to another every hour or so.

– Still feel full a lot of the time!

Emotional breakdowns: None still!  I am very thankful I haven’t had major mood swings and actually am in a good mood most of the time!

Food aversions: None specifically.

Food cravings:  Pizza– specifically Uno’s pizza!  I also have been craving potato chips for some reason though I haven’t had any! And this Siggi’s pumpkin spice yogurt is a daily indulgence!



Maternity Clothes: Okay, here’s where it gets good.  So Thursday, I finally decided to check out the world of maternity wear.  I went to the Gap and basically tried on everything they had.  The bottom line is I am not yet big enough for maternity wear.  Those shirts that stretch on the sides looked silly on me because my stomach doesn’t go out that far!  I tried on lots of pants and they all gapped right above my butt, making me look like I wore a diaper!  I am in transition– not quite at maternity clothing stage yet, but also not able to wear any shirt I own.  My pants are fine as they mostly button below my belly.  I did end up buying a few long tank tops and long-sleeved t’s for the future but that’s it.

Gender:  I’ll do a special post next week!

Looking Forward To: Telling my students– I still haven’t done it yet.  I was totally going to do it on Monday, but then I got nervous so I didn’t.  None of them seem to know, so now, I may wait until one of them brings it up!  I also cannot wait for tomorrow– we are having our family gender reveal party!

Baby Items Purchased: I also bought some things for baby on Thursday!  I bought some Aden and Anais blankets, a few Swaddle-me swaddlers and a sleep sack.  I also purchased some plain white onesies and t shirts.  Oh, and I bought two baby carriers online that I plan on using, plus a Woombie swaddler! It’s like a baby straightjacket and supposedly babies love them!

The Woombie! And no, the fact that the image is a pink one does not mean It’s a girl!


Gifts received: I went to have coffee at my friend’s house on Tuesday, and she gave me the most adorable “Lovey,” or small blanket with a rattle on top.  She said it was the only one she found that the baby  wasn’t blond or blue-eyed.  It’s so adorable and I love it!  Also, one of my friends gave my a very important gift– the gift of time!  She and I spent four hours together on Friday night going through baby gear and working on my registry!  She even showed me how to give a baby a bath!  Thanks Dana!


Best moment of the week: Confirming that my baby girl is healthy at my doctor’s appointment!

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