Sunday Snippit: I Was Active!

I haven’t kept this fact a secret– ever since I became pregnant, I haven’t done much formal exercise.

In my first trimester, exercise actually induced some of my morning sickness.  Not one, not twice, but three times after I went for a walk with the husband, I ended up getting sick.  I pretty much decided it wasn’t worth it to go for a walk if I felt awful immediately after.

Then as I began my second tri, my SI joints, hips and legs started to hurt. . . a lot.  As you may remember, I barely could walk and even consulted with a pain management specialist.  Any attempt I did make to go for a walk failed for the most part, and even my one trip to the gym to try out the bike and elliptical hurt.  I definitely walked with a visible limp; those who knew I was pregnant thought it was a pregnancy waddle, but really it was caused by pain that I have experienced on and off for at least three years.


I have to say, on the plus side, I haven’t felt any guilt over not exercising.  If there is any time you should listen to your body, it is during pregnancy, that’s for sure.  Also, I was slightly afraid that not exercising would mean weight gain at rapid speeds, but that hasn’t happened at all either.  However, I always did envision myself being active during pregnancy, but I quickly came to terms with the reality of my situation.

Well, now, at 21 weeks pregnant, I finally kind of feel like my old self again.  My joint pain (knock on wood) has eased up quite a bit and I can actually walk without a limp!  I have energy!  All in all, I am eager to get out and move!

So yesterday, for the first time in what felt like forever, I went to the gym.  I did the elliptical for a whole hour, varying speeds and intensity.  And I loved it!  I also went to my first prenatal yoga class yesterday, and experienced 90 minutes of bliss.  The movements were gentle, but I left feeling so mentally and physically satisfied.  I was finally active, and I savored every minute of it!

I know I can’t go overboard.  As much as I want to go to the gym right now, I know my husband wants to go for a long walk later (he’s still asleep as I type this), so I am resisting my urge since I think two-a-days are a bad idea for me at this point!  I also know that just as I feel good today, my pain can easily come back tomorrow.  All I can say is I am taking it a day at a time, but I am quite happy that at least for the time being, exercise is back in my life!

Have you ever taken a long break from exercise?  How did you feel when you came back to it?

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