My Saturday

I had a super busy day yesterday, and it was the best combo of fun and productivity.

I woke up bright and early around 6 and worked a bit on the blog while watching the Carrie Diaries.  We were expecting a furniture delivery between 8 and 11 for our nursery dresser, but my husband and I also had our all-day childbirth class yesterday, which began at 9 AM.  I hoped the delivery would come early enough so he wouldn’t have to miss any of the class.

Of course, our delivery arrived right when the class was to begin, so I had my husband drop me off at the hospital right before the truck came (we are fortunate enough to live three minutes from our hospital) so at least I would be on time.  He managed to get there about an hour later, which was perfect timing since he didn’t miss much by then.

I will write more about the class later, but let’s just say it was informative although a bit too long.  I learned a lot about the stages of labor and delivery and we watched a few short videos.  My favorite part was when the partners had to practice massage techniques on the expectant mamas!  The class was over by 3:30, at which point we headed home to nap!

We had another furniture delivery come around 5– our glider is here!  Both our glider and dresser are hanging out in our living room until Wednesday because we have to hire movers to get them into the nursery through windows!  We have very narrow staircases, so it is impossible to get them in the room any other way.  I promise pictures once we get them upstairs.

My husband had to head off to an event for a bit while I continued to nap/watch tv.  Then, we headed off to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, the Waterman Grille!  I satisfied my pizza/salad/French fry craving of the week.




Dessert was one of the better desserts I have had in a long time!  It was called the “Almond Joy,” and it was composed of a chocolate brownie topped with coconut ice cream, magic shell, chocolate sauce, coconut flakes and candied almonds.  Needless to say, it was delicious.


We came home around 10, at which point we promptly crashed on the couch.

Today, I am heading to the grocery store in a little bit, and I am planning on making a crockpot Thai curry for dinner.  Other than that, I have nothing on the agenda, and I am looking forward to it!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Baby B’s 23 week recap!  Until then, happy weekend!

What are your plans for the day?

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