Baby B: Week 28 Recap

28 Weeks has come and gone, and I am officially on winter break to boot!

It’s been an exciting week on the baby front, mostly because I was able to see my little munchkin in action.  This past Monday, I had an ultrasound just to make sure Baby B was growing on track, since my weight gain so far has not been gangbusters.  I was so nervous going in, but at the same time I was thrilled to be able to see her again and grateful that my doc gave me the opportunity to have this bonus ultrasound.

It was such sweet music to my ears to hear that Baby B was growing right on track– she’s in the 56th percentile at 2 pounds, 12 ounces (as of this past Monday of course), and measuring exactly as she is according to my due date.  I even came home with a few portraits– my two favorites are below.  The first is her profile, where I can make out her sweet eyes, nose and lips!  The second one is of her face, and you may be able to tell that she has her hand tucked under her chin, just resting her cute little face!



This past week has been filled with holiday cheer. . . and holiday food, so let’s just say I am pretty confident that at my next doctor’s appointment (today actually!) my weight will be up a few, which is a good thing!

Anyway, here’s my week 28 recap!


Baby’s size:  Well over two pounds, and almost fifteen inches long!  She’s about the size of an eggplant this week!

Weight gained:  I would say around 8 lbs.


Exercise: I exercised twice this week– both times completing 60 minute elliptical workouts.


– Just a little back tiredness, but nothing to bad at all!

-– Dry skin big time.

– Still feeling like all my organs are squished, especially my stomach!

– A literal pain in my butt when I sit too long, but fortunately it went away after I walked a bit.

Emotional breakdowns: One, that nearly lasted all day Sunday, that resulted ironically from a different kind of breakdown– a car breakdown of sorts!  Let me explain. . . the week before last, I had my snow tires put on at my car dealership.  I got my car back on a Friday, and didn’t really drive it until last Sunday.  I made it to the gym and back, but quickly realized I had a flat tire.  Ironically, we had just dropped off my husband’s car to get fixed so basically, we were left with no car to drive.  I called AAA to put my spare on, but when the man arrived, he informed me my spare was just as useless as my flat tire!  I tried to have my car towed to my dealership, only to find out it was all locked up so I couldn’t even have it dropped off.  Then, my husband and I tried to rent a car for a day or two so I could get to work the next day, but all car rental spots were closed.  Once I realized I may have had to take a day out of work on Monday to resolve my car issue, I broke down, big time!  I pretty much cried all day because I did not want to miss a day of work!  Later that evening, we rented a zip car for a few hours to go to a holiday party and a dinner we had planned, and at the party, I ran into my good friends M and E, to whom I vented about my car frustrations.  M and E are actually the reason I finally broke out of my day-long bad mood because they volunteered to drop me off at work the next day (at 6:30 A.M. too!).  Basically, they came to my rescue and pretty much saved my day!  I can’t express how thankful I am to them for taking me to work on Monday– they kept me from taking a day off (I am trying to save all my days for maternity leave!).  Thank you M and E for being the best!  It ended up all working out– on Monday, M and E took me to work, my car dealership sent someone to fix my flat in my driveway while I was at work, and my mom picked me up to take me to my ultrasound and drop me off at home later in the evening.  I am sure hormones had something to do with just how miserable I was Sunday, but fortunately, thanks to my great friends, it all worked out in the end!

Food aversions: None at all!

Food cravings:  Christmas cookies for sure!  In fact, I can say last week was the week of the Christmas cookie.  I’m not going to lie– I just might have purchased a cookie tray all for myself from a coworker who is a wonderful baker!

I didn’t realize I was craving it until I had it, but at my school Christmas party this week, I had the best eggplant parm that I have ever tasted.  Now, I am craving it again, and my husband and I have already made a date for January 4th to return to the restaurant where my party was so I could have it again!  Oh and the dessert I had at the party (just simple vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce) was amazing too.

The eggplant parm of my dreams (plus bread, veggies, and salad):


The simplest, but creamiest ice cream I have had in recent memory:


Maternity Clothes: I can still wear some regular pants alone, some regular pants with the belly band, and now I have about four pairs of maternity pants in the rotation as well.  I also bought some regular tights from Old Navy, and some patterned ones from White Plum Boutique, and have been wearing them quite comfortably!  As for shirts and cardigans, most of them aren’t maternity yet.

Gender:  Baby girl!

Big Moment of the Week:  Well first and foremost it was seeing my baby girl moving and shaking and learning she is growing just fine!  Also, my mom came with me so it was fun to see her reactions, since she hasn’t been to an ultrasound since I was born probably.  I also had my last day of school before vacation on Friday, which is always a momentous occasion since teachers work so hard to finally make it to winter break.  I also had my school holiday party which was a blast and one of my favorite events of the year.

Looking Forward To:  Christmas with the family and my baby shower in less than a week!!  My sister-in-law Jill and mother-in-law have planned a wonderful shower for me this coming Sunday, and I am so excited to see all my favorite ladies (friends and family) together in one place.  The fact that my shower is in less than a week is making the reality of how far along I am now set in big time!!  I also am just looking forward to lots of down time this week while I am on vacation.

Not Looking Forward To:  My one-hour glucose test.  Yes I should have done it last week, and no I didn’t do it.  I have to do it today!

Baby Items Purchased: I bought some baby booties and a few kimono style outfits that are in the running for “take-home outfits” this week.  I also received some of the nursery decorations I ordered from Etsy.

Gifts received:  Well, one of my best blogger friends, P of Will Study For Food,  surprised me with a gift for both me and Baby B!  She sent along the cutest pair of shorts (perfect for the summer) plus some of my favorite dark chocolates.  Thanks P for the gifts– you are so thoughtful and really touched me with your generosity!!  I can’t to meet you when you make it to the East Coast!


I also received a few shower gifts that my friends sent me at home, but I haven’t opened them yet.

Another funny gift I received was at my school Christmas party. My co-worker who organizes the party likes to give out gag gifts to a few lucky teachers every year, and this year, I, along with my two other pregnant coworkers, got these “coupons” as our Christmas gifts. How funny are they?? By the way, the term “OA” in the last coupon stands for Office Assignment, which is the period we have each day where we have to sit in the hall and monitor them for students who should be in class.


Week 28 was an awesome week but I have a feeling this coming one will be even better, considering the holidays will be fully upon us!

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