Saturday Scenes

Happy Christmas Eve! I seriously cannot believe how Christmas has snuck up on us this year. I guess I am so distracted by all of my Baby B thoughts and preparation that Christmas took a backseat in my mind.  Fortunately, my husband was on present duty this year, and he took care of a lot of things that we needed to do to gear up for the holiday.

Tonight hubby and I will be visiting his dad, and tomorrow, we will be hanging out at both his mom’s house and my sister’s.  It’s pretty similar to our Thanksgiving routine except for the fact we have a bonus night to spend with the family tonight.  I am most excited about seeing my sister-in-law, Jill, who has flown out from California.  While she and I talk all the time, she hasn’t seen me in person yet with a belly!

Anyway, I didn’t snap that many photos this week except on Saturday, which was unseasonably warm around here.  I started out my day with an awesome 3.1 mile walk on Blackstone Boulevard (a walking path near my home), and was pleased to see how the trees along the path were all decked out for Christmas!


Later that day, my husband and I met with a friend who is an interior designer, and we ended up making lots on online home décor purchases, including four rugs and some shelving/bookcases/bins for the baby’s room.  We also went to the mall so my husband could pick up some suits he bought.  At the mall, I ended up buying a baby shower dress too!

We came home, napped for a bit, and then headed off to a Winter Solstice wedding in Narragansett, RI, right near the beach!  On the drive to the wedding though, we stopped by a car dealership to check out a car I am buying in about a week!  Let’s just say my current car is a two-seater, and you can’t put a baby in a two-seater, so we plan on buying a new one soon.

We finally made it to the gorgeous wedding location– The Towers, which as you can see, are two towers joined by a room where the reception was held.


The groom’s nickname is “The Mole,” hence this chalkboard sign!


While I didn’t get many good pics of the people at the wedding, I did snap photos of my food!  We started with some salad and tasty bread.


The vegetarian dinner was actually vegan, since the groom’s brother is vegan,  It consisted of a stack of balsamic marinated veggies.


Dinner was a little light for my preggers self, so I went hard on dessert.  They had a cupcake bar, and I had one of each flavor:  white chocolate raspberry, red velvet, and caramel apple.  I’m not going to lie– I definitely elicited many stares and comments from those who joked about my cupcake consumption.  The funny thing is, if you know me well, you would know that even if I wasn’t pregnant I would still eat all three cupcakes, seeing as how I am a cupcake fiend!


We actually made it home relatively early from the wedding, and I crashed hard around 10.  It was such a productive day, and both hubby and I marvel at how much we got done!

Which cupcake flavor from above sounds the best to you?  My fave was the white choco raspberry one, but they were all super moist and delicious.

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