Baby B: Week 37 Recap

As I write this, I am actually in my 38th week, and it kind of blows me away that I literally can say she’s coming any day now! Of course, I would love for her to stay in there for as long as possible because it just means she has had a chance to get bigger and stronger before making her debut; however, I am also grateful that if she were to arrive early, she would be pretty much fully grown by now. Bottom line is I am so ready for her to come– in fact, I am so ready that all I seem to do these days is just constantly reorganize all of her stuff!

This past week was definitely a turning point pregnancy-wise in that I started to experience symptoms that some say would be the signs of my body prepping for labor. I was on school vacation for the past week too, which was a blessing for the days I didn’t feel so well. My week started with a doctor’s appointment, which went very well. I learned I was Group Strep B negative, which just means there won’t be a need for me to get an antibiotic drip during labor. It was confirmed that my ultrasound from the prior week looked great. Also, my doc did my first cervical check, and was shocked at how low baby’s head was– apparently it was “right there!” She was also surprised I didn’t feel more pressure than I did, but the fact is that I think I did and do feel lots of pressure going down, but didn’t note it because it seemed like a normal symptom. As of this appointment, I was starting to dilate and my cervix was starting to thin. I actually have another appointment today to see if there has been any more progress.
I had a few days this week where I felt off and a little sick. Wednesday and Friday were especially unpleasant because on both days, I had pretty severe period-like cramps on my left side that weirdly enough radiated down my thigh and leg. They didn’t come and go– it was like one long cramp that lasted all day. I also felt a little queasy and feverish, and had no desire to leave the house. I also had the urge to pace around, as sitting and lying down felt uncomfortable at times. Lastly, Braxton-Hicks contractions were pretty intense, and truthfully, I never noticed them until now. My whole abdominal area kept hardening and softening– it wasn’t painful, but just made my midsection feel very heavy. Based on things I have read, I chalked all of this up to my body just prepping for labor.
I am also at a point where I had to cancel a few commitments because of my discomfort– I had to flake out on an outing with friends, a dinner with other friends, and a meetup with yet another friend. The thought of sitting still in a restaurant sounded terrible given the cramping I felt, so I thought it was best to just stay home!

To end on a more upbeat note, these symptoms seem like normal late pregnancy symptoms, and I am grateful that they came and went. Despite being uncomfortable for a few days, I felt very grateful to feel like the little one is trying to come out! In other words, it was kind of nice to finally feel like labor is near!

Anyway, let’s get on with the recap!


Baby’s Size: According to Babycenter, Baby B is as long as a stalk of Swiss Chard (weird comparison yet again), roughly 6 1/3 lbs and about 19 inches. Basically, she is still just putting on fat!


Weight gained: I had another stalled weight gain week, where I am still up about 13.5 to 14 lbs. Like I said last week, I hear that’s pretty normal towards the end of pregnancy. My doctor, at my last appointment, said though I haven’t put on a lot, the baby is average sized so I have nothing to worry about.

Exercise: Ha! At this point, the thought of going for a walk or to the gym is laughable. The sidewalks in Providence are treacherous, and I hate even walking to my car in fear I will slip and fall!


– Sleep is even worse than last week if that is possible. I actually had my first full sleepless night Thursday into Friday– I think I got a total of 60 minutes of dozing in the whole night. That may be part of the reason I felt so sick on Friday.

– On Friday, I started to experience some joint pain again in my right leg. I took a Tylenol (to help with the pain and cramping) and it did ease up for a while, but came back overnight Friday.

– They say your digestive tract tends to clear itself out in the days before labor, and I have been experiencing that. Even though I am back to barely eating any veggies (kind of a return to first trimester eating habits since I felt a bit nauseaus this past week) I still haven’t had much trouble digestion wise.

– Like I said earlier in this post, some feelings of nausea, lots of Braxton-Hicks, period-like cramping, and even at times flu-like aches and pains.

Emotional breakdowns: None! Even though I didn’t feel good some days, I kept it together!

Food aversions: Like in the first tri, I have had an aversion this week to certain veggies. I also made a big pot of chili earlier this past week and then wanted nothing to do with it after! Also, I wanted nothing to do with certain ethnic foods like Indian food or Asian Food. I guess overall I had an aversion to spices this week.

Food cravings: Pizza, bread, cheese. . . so nothing new. Cheese rules.

Maternity Clothes: Since I was on vacation this week, I lived in non-maternity sweats and long-sleeved t-shirts. Overall though, I think my current mix of maternity and non-maternity clothes will work for the next few weeks.

Big Moment of the Week: My first cervical check was reassuring and really made the whole labor part of this experience very real! The fact that she is in the right position and bearing down made me so excited!

On My Mind This Week: I have been obsessing on imagining what the first day home with her will be like. I keep thinking about what she will look like and how much I just want to cuddle her! I also have already basically done everything I need to for the hospital bags– I just need to throw in last-minute toiletries. Bottom line, I am at a point of just twiddling my thumbs when it comes to baby prep, which is definitely a good place to be. I just keep thinking “anyday now!” and that makes me so, so happy!

Looking forward to: My doctor’s appointment today to see if I have made any progress so far.

Baby items purchased this week: Some more diapers, receiving blankets (just because they were cute!), a few more big-sized outfits on sale at Target. . . oh, and a book of Mother Goose nursery rhymes!

Other Preparations: Just going over my hospital checklists, making sure I am stocked food-wise, and just going over in my head how I will tell my husband I am in labor!

Well, looking ahead, this is probably my last week at work, and who knows if I will even go the whole week! I am getting my doctor’s note today, which basically means I can stop going to work anytime I want now. If I start to experience any more cramping or anything, I will officially go on leave– there’s no need to be a hero, plus, I don’t want to be in pain while teaching! I am going to try and check in a bit more frequently over the next week or two, just to give you all updates on my status! Have a great week, and here’s to meeting Baby B sooner than later!

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