A Day In The Life: 10.5 months

Well hello there!

Long (and I mean long!) time no talk!

I didn’t necessarily plan on dropping off of the face of the blogosphere, but before I knew it I realized it has been six months since posting! Obviously life has been busy as a working new mom, but honestly, I didn’t mean to stop blogging for so long. I do miss this little part of my life and really want to make a blogging comeback!

I think the perfect way to jump back into it is to give you a little glimpse into my day now that I have a beautiful 10 month old daughter and am back to work (since September). I have been reading a lot of “day in the life” posts by some of my favorite bloggers that have babies, and I figured why not document my day too?

So here goes…. here’s a typical weekday as a mom of a 10.5 month old!

5:00 A.M. My phone alarm goes off– I immediately jump out of bed, brush my teeth and take a shower. I get ready and head downstairs to get my lunch, Aria’s bottles, her breakfast and lunch, and my pumping gear and dump them into the car. All of these things are prepped the day before so I literally just pack them up and put them in the car.

5:30: I creep into Aria’s room to wake her up (so sad waking up a sleeping baby that early as she typically sleeps to 7 on weekends!). Usually just the door opening is enough to wake her, but on this day, I get to the crib and she is still sound asleep. These moments of seeing her still asleep are rare, as she usually wakes when I open the door, so I just stare at her taking in that precious face. I then turn off her white noise and turn on the light, which stirs her awake. I change her diaper, say goodbye to dad, and get her into her car seat to head to Nani’s house! Aria is very easy in the morning so we are out the door in 8 to 10 minutes.

5:40 to 6: We drive to my mom’s– Aria chills in the backseat and I make a stop at Dunkin Donuts for an extra large coffee and a corn muffin melted with butter that I eat at school later (healthy, I know!).

6 to 6:15: At my mom’s, I nurse Aria, fill my mom in on anything I need to, kiss and snuggle Aria for a few minutes and head off to work.

6:30: I’m at work early (I literally am one of the first teachers in the building), pump and eat breakfast! I have a great little pumping space complete with private bathroom. It is actually a department head office, but the three awesome ladies who have their desks there generously let me use the space.

7:15 to 1:35: Teach teach teach! I am fortunate to have great classes and students this year, so work is really wonderful. I pump one more time during the day during my free period and have lunch (bread and cheese sandwich and yogurt with granola) around 12. Sadly, fruits and veggies have taken a hiatus in my life as of late!

2: Back at my mom’s! I am always in a rush to get there so I can see my baby girl and finally spend some time with her! Usually my mom, Aria and I take a trip to Target or some place like that just to get out and run some errands.

3:15: I pack up Aria’s stuff and head home. She usually falls asleep in the car for her last nap of the day. She is what I call a “crap napper”; her naps are short, infrequent and terrible but (knock on wood) she is an amazing night sleeper!


3:35: We are home! I nurse her and then we go about doing our home errands! I have to wash and dry her bottles and my pump parts, prep her food for the next day, do laundry, prep her dinner food, and so on. She sits in her high chair during this time– I give her a few things to entertain her, including a snack if she needs one and water in her straw sippy! Aria honestly still hates bottles even though that is what my mom uses to give her my breast milk in. She drinks the bare minimum at my mom’s but she is healthy and hydrated so I don’t worry about it. I am secretly sort of glad she never preferred bottles since in a few months I want to fully wean her onto cow’s milk and sippy cups. She will have no trouble dropping bottles that is for sure!

4:45: All prep for the next day is done, so we go in the living room to play! She practices cruising, stacking rings and taking things in and out of her picnic basket!

5:15: Aria has dinner! I try to feed her as much as I can myself before I let her self feed because she’s in a phase where she is learning about gravity and drops almost everything to the floor lol. She has great aim as far as bringing food into her mouth, but only when she feels like it ha! She eats broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus (all steamed), rice with lentils, kidney beans, grilled cheese, puréed sweet potatoes (only way she will eat them!) and straight up cheese chunks! This sounds like a bunch of food, and she does eat a lot I think (she has a food preference over milk preference for sure), but I like to give her variety since I never know what she feels like eating! Today she ate a bit of everything (some days she only eats a few things!).

5:55: Bath time!

6:10 to 6:20: Lotion, pajamas, a few kisses and cuddles and one last nursing session. She is in her crib awake at around 6:20 and usually asleep by 6:30.

6:35 to 6:45: I get my dinner heated and set up my pump so I can pump one more time while eating and watching tv.

6:45 to 8: I pump, eat and unwind. By 8 I’m usually exhausted and head up to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I’m usually out by 8:30!

8:30 to 5: I sleep, oh glorious sleep! Knock on wood, my babe sleeps through the night. I wake up a few times to drink water, go to the bathroom or check the monitor but I usually get in a great rest so I can get up nice and early the next day.

And that’s my typical weekday. It’s busy and exhausting but so rewarding! My husband doesn’t usually come home until after I’m asleep, and he gets up after we leave in the morning, hence the reason he’s not a big part of my daily routine. Weekends are precious just because he is home and gets to spend good quality time with us. I feel pretty happy and good about our schedule– everything for the most part just seems to work!

I have lots of posts planned and I hope to see you sooner than later!

Have a great week!

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